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The Traceability App - #Fashionrevolution By Designer Purvi Doshi

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The Traceability App - #Fashionrevolution By Designer Purvi Doshi

Designer Purvi Doshi who recently presented her new eco-fabulous “Wagad” Collection at the ‘Who’s Next’ exhibition in Paris in September 2019 has introduced a Traceability App in support of making fashion a transparent affair.

The ‘Purvi Doshi’ label creates garments rooted in the traditional arts and weaves of India and supports sustainable livelihoods, ecological balance, and humanity. Doshi’s collections showcase Indian arts such as Khat, Aari and mirror-work embroidery that is worked into contemporary yet classic designs. Doshi’s is a PETA-approved label and also the first Indian label to be given the Eco-Age Brandmark that celebrates ethical brands worldwide. Through her vegan and cruelty-free label, Doshi has paved the way for a harmonious co-existence between fashion and nature.

This app ‘Traceability.purvidoshi.com’ would give the source map,  the land where the cotton grew and textile has been woven, the names, pictures and beautiful stories of weaver, Dyers, spinners, tailors. It also explains about  Kala cotton.

The designer feels that as a consumer one may want to know the hands that created the garment or the location from where the yarn was procured. “Not easy” you might say. In support of the fashion revolution “Who Made My Clothes”, Purvi Doshi through the ‘Traceability App’  shows exactly the answers one is looking for.

While using the App you can click on the product listing, select the item or scan the QR Code on the dress purchased, to trace the originality and resume of the dress.  It is yet another great initiative by an Indian Designer to support fashion transparency and ethical and sustainable fashion.

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