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The Upcoming Beauty Trends Of 2021

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The Upcoming Beauty Trends Of 2021

After a tumultuous year, our new year look gets a beauty makeover with upcoming beauty trends. Now is the time to style with the latest trends from the 80’s vibe, skin minimalism to retro nails and embellished hair clips.

With the global pandemic rising to unexpected heights, 2020 has changed our lifestyle as well asour beauty and wellness schedules. Everything took a backseat, be it the salon services or social gatherings, the whole year kept us indoors and isolated from each other. This global pandemic enforced us to rethink ourselves and indulge in self-care.

Natural Makeup Look
Natural Makeup Look

Self-pampering with homemade beauty ideas and haircare tips modifies the definition of beauty. This pandemic period made us believe in natural beauty rather than hounding for artificial beauty standards. There were no defined beauty trends to follow in 2020 as we were living in our cocoons and relaxing to the full extent. We loved working from home and living up in ourcolourful pajamas that made our beauty routine less experimental and playful.

But with the moderations in the norms, we are making to parties and gatherings. It takes us back to the time when we enjoyed dressing up and moving out. We hopefully waited for December to end on a good note as we were approaching a whole new year with fresh beauty trends and the latest new year looks. Living a dull and boring life without brightness, we are in awe of some vibrancy in the form of beauty trends. Here are the beauty trends that can be influential in 2021 and would energize the beauty trends.

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Brighter Eyeliners

1. Brighter Eyeliners- 2021 is about ditching the conventional colors and adding some vibrancy to the eyes. Be a bit cool to experiment with hues of eyeliners and say goodbye to black and brown colors. Now is the time to get excited as the shades can range from red, yellow, blue to green, and other brighter tones. Step up to try the shimmery shades and other off tone colours that we were hesitant to try with bold lips and contoured cheeks.

2. Skin Minimalism- Simplicity and transparency of the skin, is what we are looking forward to in 2021. The past year suppressed all our fancy beauty routines and made it to natural beauty ideas. No more contoured or concealed cheeks and bold lips because now it is the trend to keep it minimal. Keep up with your daily skincare routine that includes CTM- (Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising), exfoliating, and facial roller massage. Also, stay properly hydrated as it makes the skin glow naturally. This time, There's no requirement for full-face makeup, because we have to last with masks for more months. Just focus on minimal beauty looks that require no full coverage and contouring and a big yes for a radiant glow.

3. Embellished Hair- Ponytails, messy buns, and tied back hair were the most favored hairstyles in 2020. Also, we became our personal hairdressers and hairstylists during the lockdown. No parties, gatherings, and no hanging out with friends, made it mandatory for us to follow a proper hair care routine. This routine helped in attaining the desired hair texture. It also made us curious to try the short hair trend. Following the trend and moving into 2021, we continue to make our hair look great with embellishments. Claw clips, beaded clips, pearl hairbands, beaded clips, and silver tic tacs for the hair are part of the upcoming beauty trends in 2021.

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Back to Liquid Lip Shades

4. Back to Liquid Lip Shades- Liquid lipsticks are back in trend with the coming of 2021. This crucial time had made us realize to stick on to non-transferable makeup products. We all want makeup products that are transfer-proof which does not stick to the masks. It has made a comeback with the new year looks. Everyone wants neat and smudge-free makeup, especially for the lips. Liquid lipsticks, which are non-transferable, are back to rely on in 2021.

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Natural Hair

5. Natural Hair- The not so favorable year of the century has taught us many things. The making of quirky and fancy hairstyles paused with the lockdown resisting us to visit any salons. But on the other hand, it has finally resumed to take over the essential haircare routine. It helped in improving hair texture and volume. We absolutely loved the natural hair look and looking forward to it as the latest beauty trend in 2021.

I Knock Fashion Desk

The past year was tough to live in with no socializing, no meetings, and no formal dressing. It made us focus on our families and our compromised beauty routines. We all were away from the heavy work deadlines and commitments that made us focus on ourselves. We have made it to the best, and we still cherish it in the coming year. There were no beauty trends in the last year to follow. But as we ring in the new year, we all look forward to experimental beauty trends. Our new year looks tend to adapt some of them like brighter eyeliners, natural hair look, and minimalistic skin. Dwelling up to the skin minimalism, we prioritize the no make up look or the natural beauty look. This year, beauty trends can revolve around the eyes and hair as vibrant colors of eyeshadows, natural hair patterns, along with a minimalistic approach for the skin can be the new beauty trend followed in the year 2021.

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