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The Woolmark Company: Marks New Standard Of Sustainability In Fashion!

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The Woolmark Company: Marks New Standard Of Sustainability In Fashion!

Here is one of the biggest fashion news, recent scientific research by The Woolmark Company has found out that Merino wool could be a solution for global microplastics problems, further promoting sustainable fashion


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Photo Courtesy: The Woolmark Company

According to the fashion news, scientific research named Microfibre pollution and the marine biodegradation of wool- has researched that both untreated and machine washable wool clearly biodegrades in marine environments, whereas synthetic fibres do not, which has given new standards to the sustainable fashion. The research also stated the machine-washable wool biodegrades at a faster rate than untreated wool fabrics. 

Previous studies suggested that as much as 20-30% of all primary source microplastics in the marine are due to the utilisation of synthetic clothing. The past research also states that a single polyester fleece garment can lead up to more than 1900 microfibres per wash. 

The latest study revolves around, how the researchers compared the biodegradability of two types of Merino wool in the seawater to the biodegradability of synthetic fabrics like Rayon. All of the fabrics were washed back to back before testing to further stimulate a partial garment lifetime. The rate of biodegradation was then compared, which further gave the scientists with a conclusion that untreated wool biodegraded at 20.3% the rate of the pulp and the machine-washable wool biodegraded more than thrice as quickly, at a rate of 67.3% which is the fastest of all fabrics. The tail end was Nylon, biodegrading at a rate of just 0.8%.


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The Woolmark Company is the worldwide authority on wool, they embrace the concept of sustainable fashion, along with that they also maintain an extensive network of relationships spanning the fashion industries and international textiles. The company celebrates Australian wool’s post as the ultimate natural fibre and an essential premier ingredient in luxury apparel which also is an essential part of making sustainable fashion widely accessible. 

The company’s logo is one of the world’s most celebrated and respected, they provide assurance of the finest quality, along with representing pioneer excellence and innovation from the farms to the ultimate product. 

They are a subsidiary of Australian wool innovation, a not for profit enterprise which held research, development and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool from behalf of about 60,000 woolgrowers which help with the funds for the company.

After the research, The Woolmark Company witnessed and set new standards of sustainable fashion in the fashion industry. 



As reported by the fashion news, The Woolmark Company’s managing director Stuart McCullough stated: “Our research into wool and microplastics began back in 2016 when we investigated the current state of knowledge concerning microplastic pollution, focusing on microfibre from textiles, This initial body of research began the process of improving methodological development to account for microfibre release during the use phase in the lifestyle assessment of clothing.”

“This latest scientific study is a significant addition to the body of research investigating the damage certain textiles cause to our environment. Wool has long been heralded the original eco fibre, but concerns had been raised about the machine-washable finish applied to wool and whether it added to the microplastic problem, so we wanted to clarify that issue. During these ever-changing troubled times, It’s important to consider how well-intentioned consumers can make purchasing decisions that help look after the health of the environment. Choosing natural fibres, such as Merino wool is an important place to start.”

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