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Up Your Sales Game: What You Should Do As An Emerging Fashion Designer

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Up Your Sales Game: What You Should Do As An Emerging Fashion Designer

There are a lot of extremely talented new designers in the industry. They are unaware of how to break into the fashion market. Most of them have done their research and reviewed all the materials available to them. While some of them are assembling everything to being a label. But the fact is, the fashion industry, like other industries, is changing. Along with this, the emerging designer market is also changing and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. You can’t really use the old rules to venture into the new world of fashion. To expect opportunities to knock at your door – it’s time to create new rules. And here are a few tips for emerging fashion designers to sell their concept. Their designs and their creativity in an ever-changing market as this:

1. Offer consignment deals to retailers

A lot of retailers aren’t looking to add new designers to their boutiques and online stores. They believe tried and tested looks are an easy sell. They are hesitant in taking a risk with a new designer and their new perspective. What you could do is try offering some of your styles on consignment or drop-ship basis. Work out a way to help the store sell these designs. If you can get the store to sell out of your product, they will be willing to purchase from you in the future. Prove to the retailer that you belong there.

2. Choose your e-commerce platform wisely

It’s good to have your own e-commerce store/website as an upcoming designer. This way you have control over your sales and pricing, and you earn more. The only problem being, people need to know your brand exists, for your designs to sell and marketing can be challenging in an over-saturated market. It also takes up a lot of your time and money to manage a website.

Still, in the digitally savvy world of today, an e-commerce platform is an ideal option. Your online retailing platform should match your designer’s aesthetic, price point and clientele. Selling your designs on a well-suited e-commerce site can also help you get brick and mortar buyers if you do well there. Also, many buyers look at upcoming designer boutiques and websites to get an idea of who the next big designers will be, making these online platforms a good way to get your name out there.

3. Participate in pop-ups/exhibitions/trunk shows

A lot of art and culture fairs, literature fests, apparel and lifestyle pop-ups are happening on a monthly basis in major metropolitan cities these days. They offer the perfect opportunity to get in touch with customers – old and new, receive instant feedback, earn more money, observe and analyze the kind of people who buy your clothes and even build your own community of fellow designers. Most importantly, there are no middlemen involved so customers pay retail prices and you make major profits!

Only thing is, research and analyze which city or what kind of pop-up will be good for you. You might need to try out a couple in your initial years and work from there. Trunk shows are another great way to get in touch with new retailers. Retailers like trunk show because they don’t have to place an actual order up-front which means there’s less risk for them. The advantage of such shows is that you get access to all the store’s customers without having to do all the marketing.

4. Indulge in aggressive social media marketing

Lots of businesses, old and new are using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to reach out to potential customers and create brand awareness. The good thing about such platforms is that they are usually free and you can get as creative as you want to. A simple and clear post about your product could get you major orders and you never know you could be discovered by celebrities or top influencers in the industry. Yes, a few advertisements here and there will get you, several followers, that will drum up interest in your designs and who knows, this might even bag you editorial coverage in a magazine!

Deciding on how you’re going to sell your designs really depends on your financial goals, your personal goals and vision, what product you sell, and your target customer. Keep in mind – you are the only one who knows your designs well, uses that to the best of your advantage!

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