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Vicunha Introduces A Sustainable Method In Production Of Jeans

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Vicunha Introduces A Sustainable Method In Production Of Jeans

With fashion trends changing with time, one that is stable is denim, in all moods and trends, with variant shades and designs. To make it better and better every day, brands are coming up with new technologies and methods to enhance the quality in an eco-friendly way.

Vicunha, a textile group in Latin America, has introduced technology or a method that will eventually help in reducing water consumption in the production of jeans.

According to sources, Vicunha has recently announced an eco-friendly method of producing denim.

"We conducted this project in Brazil and measured the water consumption over the entire lifecycle of a pair of jeans. The data was accurate and provided exact figures that allowed us to define new goals for our production chain,” said the brand in a press release.

It further added, “The most positive aspect for Vicunha is the fact that we use Brazilian cotton and 92 percent of the water consumed during the cultivation process comes from rainwater. No other country even comes close and this result gives us a big boost in the ranking."

As Brazil is comparatively low in water percentage, that’s why the brand has come up with this project.

As per sources, the newly introduced eco clothing line of denim fabric is known to be ‘Absolut Eco’ and will be available for spring/summer 2020. It claims to save up to 95% water and approximately ninety percent of chemicals in the production process.

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