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Vougish Boot Trends That Adds Style To Your Winter Closet

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Vougish Boot Trends That Adds Style To Your Winter Closet

Accessorize and redefine your winter wardrobe with the latest fashion trends of boots that are playful to your style. 


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The shivery nights and chilling mornings, we are all set to welcome the winters with the latest styles and fashion trends. Boots are one of the voguish foundations of your winter outfit and workwear. Also, with festivals around, they play an important role as an additive style to the Diwali looks for shopping, partying, and hanging around.

Boots are not a new fashion trend, as it holds a fashion history for ages.  The oldest impressions of boots were found in a cave painting from Spain dated between 12,000 and 15000 B.C.E. The painting depicted the portrait of a man wearing boots made of skin and a woman wearing boots made of fur

As per the history, they were found in the tomb of Khnumhotep (2140-1785 B.C.E) in Egypt. Greeks were also believed to wear simple bags like boots of untanned leather with fur and a thong of leather lashed to the leg. The simple basic form was a part of the traditional dressing of Asiatic and Arctic cultures, as it represented the ruling and military power. In ancient times, boots were the major distinguishable factor among rich and poor, king and the common man. As it was only significant to high ranking officials. 

A Boot is a form of footwear that covers the foot, ankle, and some parts of the lower calf. They were made with different fabrics like leather, fur, or rubber. But with the introduction of modern designs, the new material has also made its way into the industry. They are not only wintertime fashion accessories but they also protect us from strong cold winds and freezing temperatures in snow covered areas. Boots were also an essential part of dressing for workers and mountaineers as they protect them from causing any injury. Boots play a crucial role when climbing or hiking, as they provide extra support for foot and ankle when participating in any other outdoor activity. 

They were redesigned in the middle ages, inspired by ancient styles. In the fifteenth century, men wore high-thigh boots made from animal leather commonly available in hues of brown, and women were more interested in lace boots made with fur for everyday wear. By the end of the century, a new material called lynx got popularised for boot linings. 

With time changing, in the sixteenth century, high boots of soft perfumed leather were worn. Under the rule of Louis XII more comfortable, shorter, and lighter version of boots gained popularity with a fold-over flap, called ladrine. 

Boots were majorly recognized in the twentieth century when they were more functional and featured high heels and side zip for a more accurate fit. It was more of a fashionable choice and became latest fashion amongst the young crowd rather than being only practical. The unisex design of boots became increasingly adaptable. 

Chelsea boots became famous in the twentieth century. This century experienced more of a vogue designing of boots like suede chukka boots, cowboy boots, and high zip-up platform boots. Since the twentieth century, the stylization and designing of boots have been redefined and turned out to be more comfortable and chic.


 In contemporary times, the latest fashion of boots adds a little bit of glamour to the whole style. Different choices of boots add a different style to the idea. Trends of boots are fun to discuss as they do not change a lot like the basic style of boots like Chelsea Boots will surely add glamour and style for years. Let’s look forward towards autumn/winter 2020 boot trends:


1) Over-the-knee boots

fashion trends
Over-the-knee boots
Photo Source: Windsor

Long boots covering a smaller area over the knees, known as over-the-knee boots is going to trend this winter with a lot of glamour and glister. Glittering in colorful metallic and decorated with laces, neutral colors, or in brown colored suede is a classic trend. The classics are also available in heels that add a chicness to the whole style. 

2) Cut- Out Boots:

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Cut Out Boots

Another playful trend that is cool and stylish. The boots are cut-out in between to present your coolest socks from inside. These edgy and calf-length boots are all set for this season to give you a polished look. Colors like black, suede green, and brown, perfectly match with denim jeans and cardigans or knitted sweaters. 

3) Platform Boots:

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Platform Boots

One of the most comfortable boots, these boots would trend in 2020 as they are easier-to-walk-in. With basics in colors like white, tan, and black, they are perfect with leather jackets and denim blue jeans. 

4) The Cowboy Boots:

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The Cowboy Boots

With a splash in 2019, the cowboy boots are getting a bit of their splash in 2020. Be it colored in metallics, sparkling glitter, and embroidery, cowboys will always be the favorite ones to pair with your winter wardrobe. The style is explained as a tall boot shaft, going till mid-calf with a cowboy heel of half of an inch and a lower-angled design. 


fashion trends of 2020
metallic silver over the knee boots

The fashion trends of boots in 2020 would splurge you with lots of styles in different ways.

1) With metallic silver over-the-knee boots, one can style with a black mini dress and a black leather jacket would be perfect with a Diwali outfit when partying or get together in winters.. 

2) Black platform boots are paired with a yellow shirt- style cardigan and a blue denim jean. 

3) With classic white-colored Cowboy boots, a classic blazer and a printed long flowy skirt would match perfectly.  

Celebrities and influencers play an influential role in deciding which style to pick with which outfit. They not only stylize their winter outfits with boots but also summer outfits that add panache to their style. They are also promoting online spaces and shopping websites where one can find the same or similar boots on Myntra, Tata Cliq, Amazon, and Urbanic. 

As digitalization grows, the shopping techniques are also modified. In the digital world, unlike shopping websites, premium brands like Rosso Brunello, Steve Madden, and Aldo Shoes are also displaying their products on the digital portal for ease of the customer.  In India, especially when festivities are around like Diwali or New Year, shopping websites put a sale or special festival discounts. The festival discounts motivate you to style your upcoming Diwali look with the latest trends in boots.


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Boots are an essential item to your dressing. They act as a shield and protect us from freezing winds. Also, they are a part of fashionable culture that adds glamour and style. Especially when the festivities are around the corner, when Diwali outfits are discussed, boots became all time festival essential. This winter, grab the latest ideas to style with boots and shop the best style that suits your personality. Grab the modish ideas for styling your winter looks and different pair of boots with I Knock Fashion.

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