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Wedding Beauty Countdown: Bridal & Pre-Bridal Skincare!

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Wedding Beauty Countdown: Bridal & Pre-Bridal Skincare!

Before the evening makeup glam, before the outfit planning, there are numerous skincare rituals that you have to swear by when getting ready for your big day or Haldi ceremony. Brides-To-Be are you ready for it?

Numerous of you must be wondering why do you require pre-bridal skincare when all your life you have taken good care of your skin? But trust us when we say this, pre-bridal skincare will not only give you ultimate glow but will also help boost your mental state. There can't be any sugar-coating done to the fact that Indian weddings apart, from being fun and fantastic, can also be stressful. 

It's scientifically proven, that the people who perform healthy skincare are more grounded and can regulate themselves more emotionally. Apart from this, the studies also state that people who take appropriate care of their skin can show compassion and kindness to other people easily. Where else on Earth will you need something that can help you from melting down and managing your emotions sensibly, rather than an Indian wedding! 

Continue reading if you don't wish to get hyper-emotional on your special day, and see what magic can a pre-bridal and bridal skincare do to you. Today, I Knock Fashion has done the heavy-lifting and has come up with a skincare timeline that includes beauty tips and tricks you can blindly trust. 

Why Opt For A Pre-Bridal And Bridal Skincare?

Bridal Makeup - pre- bridal

After the fun part of your engagement with your loved one comes the time to binge through numerous beauty tips and tricks on the internet to look beautiful on your special day. You know we are talking about all the beauty tips you will need for the ceremonies to come, right?

We understand that weddings can be hectic, but all the brides-to-be, we have to break this to you that invitations, venues, and wedding dress aren't the only things that need your attention. In addition to your special day checklist, you have a skincare set of to-do's to ace before you say "I do." 

There are numerous beauty tips you will receive from your grandmothers and aunts, especially during your wedding preparations but amidst the preparations of a wedding, it gets incredibly hard to implement and follow a strict beauty regime and beauty tips. You can't only rely on evening makeup to make your skin look radiant on your special day. A deep-rooted skincare regime also plays an essential role. Sometimes even with an ample amount of evening makeup, your skin can tend to look dull and lifeless, and you don't want this to happen on your special day, right?

Below-mentioned are some of the perks of Pre-bridal skincare-

1. The pre-bridal skincare can help remove the dead skin along with the benefits of deep cleansing. 

2. Proper pre-bridal skincare will eradicate both- blackheads and whiteheads. 

3. The skincare will increases the blood circulation, which in return helps in aggravating the natural glow of the skin.

4. Body polishing and waxing removes all the dead skin cells and leaves your skin softer, smoother, and lighter. 

5. There will also be the prevention of acne breakouts. 

Timeline Of Pre-Bridal Skincare!

Skin care tips

"Gorgeous evening makeup can be a good fix, but that natural skin glow makes all the difference!"

To help the brides-to-be schedule everything from a good hair cut to teeth whitening(after all, you have to smile for thousands of pictures), I Knock Fashion has done the heavy lifting to weigh in on what appointments BTB(Bride-To-Be) need to book and from when to start. Hopefully, the underwritten points will help put to bed that nightmare of walking down the aisle with dull and radiant less skin. The countdown begins!

Before One Year Of Marriage 

Skin care tips

Some of you might think that starting your pre-bridal skincare one year before your big day is too early but, you are wrong as there are certain marks and pigmentations on your skin that can take a long time to go. So, start prepping your skin one year before your wedding. To start with, your pre-bridal skincare, the beauty tips include that you should start getting regular body massages from a year before your wedding day. Body massages with several oils can be relaxing for your body and can treat tanning and presentations. Treatment oils are soothing to the body and will give you a sense of deep relaxation. Massages are a great way, to deeply nourish your body. These beauty tips and tricks will help you to start with your pre-bridal skincare.

Before Six Months Of Marriage! 

Marriage facial

Six months before the wedding is a comparatively less stressful time, and you can make a good time for a healthy lifestyle and food habits. Here are a few beauty tips that you can get started with to bring out your natural bridal glow.   

1. A visit with a dermatologist- Each one of us has different skin concerns, if you are someone with major skin problems like uneven pigmentation and acne, it's best to get your skin under control well in advance. It is time you go, visit your skin doctor and let them prescribe topicals, like medications and retinoids, to address them. 

For fine lines, pores, brown spots, and redness, you can consider getting laser done. But it may need multiple sessions and numerous months to see their perks. To see the best results, you will need to start as early as possible. For both face and body, you can also think about having a series of derm-administered light peels or microdermabrasion. 

2. Start following a healthy diet- 

"It's no untrue that whatever you eat reflects on your skin."

Identifying the right diet for you can be a little stressful but will leave you with the best possible skin results. Apart from a dermatologist, you can also book a meeting with a good dietician to chalk out a customized diet plan for you. 

Cutting down on sugar intake and carbs from your diet can also do wonders. It's probably the best time to avoid munching on junk snacks like chips, chocolates, ice creams, or sodas as they are the first to cause bloating and skin breakouts. Six months before the wedding, start sipping on hydrating liquids like lime water and coconut water. Remember, no starving yourself- the idea is to give your body all nutrition it needs. You can also consider including green tea in your diet. 

3. Start getting facials- You don't want to experiment with your skin, especially when your wedding is nearby, so always get your salon professional to patch test the products before directly applying them on your face. The facials are required as they will provide the deep cleansing and hydration that will further prep your skin better for makeup. Starting with the facials six months before the wedding will also help you in identifying the right salon professional for you. 

4. Gear up your sleep cycle- Dark circles are uninvited to your wedding, right? 

It's a must amongst all the beauty tips, that you get into the habit of sleeping about 8 to 10 hours every night. Keeping a drop of any essential oil near your pillow in a handkerchief will help you sleep better. Do not underestimate the power of good sleep as it will not only help your skin but your mental state as well. 

Before Three Months Of Marriage 

evening makeup

It's really important, to start your pre-bridal skincare early. Here are some beauty tips to start with before three months of your wedding-

1. Daily cleansing at night- All-day long, your skin goes through a lot of pollution and dirt, so do not go to bed without cleansing your skin. The beauty tips for your pre-bridal skincare include that you take skin cleansing extra seriously. The cleansers you use should not be harsh for your skin. Try to go with natural cleansers, as they are soft to the skin and provide nourishment. Try your best to make time and clean up your skin once a week. 

2. Make yoga your partner- Everyone of you are well known, that sweating makes your skin fresh and glowing. One must include yoga in their pre-bridal skincare as it improves blood circulation as well as tones the body. Yoga gives peace to the mind, which will automatically enlighten your natural glow.

3. Detox your skin- The beauty tips and tricks for a bride to include that she must avoid using harsh chemical skin products. Detoxing your skin is essential and, you can do this by regularly exfoliating it. With time dead skin cells, get build on the skin and make your skin dull. To look fresh and glow at your wedding, you must get rid of this layer of dead cells. Scrubbing does not suit every skin type, so you can visit your dermatologist and know what suits best to your skin. Initially, start with exfoliating your skin once a week and then go with twice a week exfoliation if scrubbing suits you.

Before Two Months Of Marriage 

beauty tips

Now that time left is less, go with the basics and don't stress out. It is time to take good care of your skin's health.  Some beauty tips and tricks you should go for are listed below –

1. Keep hydrating- Hydration of your body is essential for your skin. Having enough water is one of the first things you forget as soon as you get busy. But, it's your big day, and you obviously do not want to make any mistake, so do not forget to have enough water as it is the key to your glowing skin. Also, have some green vegetables, fruits, and green tea.

2. Stick to your daily skincare routine- We understand that by this time, you will get very busy but still do not skip your morning and night skincare routine. Keep cleansing and toning your skin regularly twice a day. The beauty tips and tricks will help you look your best in your evening makeup on your big day.

Before One Month Of Marriage 

beauty hacks

Now, the time is less and also very crucial for your skin, so you have to do your best without stressing. Some of the beauty tips to stick to before one month of your wedding are listed below- 

1. Maintain good skincare- Stick to all the beauty tips that you have been practicing till now. Also, start applying natural face packs to lighten up your skin. You can also visit your dermatologist for gentle exfoliation. Do not forget to get enough sleep and water. 

2. Relax- Stress can take away your skin glow and make you look dull. Exercise and adequate sleep is the key to take away your stress.

Before One Week Of Marriage

beauty ideas

1. Exercise restraint- If you missed this point earlier, now is the time you finally try avoiding salty foods, and excessive carbohydrates. Do not overdo your exercise in the week before your wedding. All of this will cause your body to retain water and can result in a puffy face and eyes. 

2. Time for final trim- Do not experiment much right before your wedding, as it is anyway an emotional time, and too much change can tip a fragile scale. 

3. Schedule your waxing carefully- To make sure your skin is smooth but not irritated, get your waxing done no later than 72 hours before the wedding day. 

4. Book a final facial- The last week can be emotional and stressful for the bride-to-be, and too much-stressing causes puffiness on the bride's face. This last facial before your wedding day will help deflate your face and will make your cheekbones and jaw appear more defined. 

5. Pour attention to your hands and feet- Get a mani-pedi done before a few days of your wedding to ensure chip-free lacquer. 

The Big Day

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So, the day you have waited for is here. The first thing you should remember is to have a lot of fun, which will automatically bring a natural flow to your face. Happiness is key to everything, so stay happy and look your best. One can go with a gentle exfoliation mask on the morning of the big day. Before getting your makeup done, apply a hydrating serum on your face to enhance your glow and beauty. Avoiding chemical makeup products can be of great help to you.

So, now you are all ready to go,  smile, and enjoy your happiest day.

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