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Wet Wipe Market: What's Real & What's Next!

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Wet Wipe Market: What's Real & What's Next!

From the 1970s to today, the wet wipes have gained a lot of audiences, irrespective of age and gender they are utilized by all in their skincare. Wet wipes over the years have witnessed rapid growth across the globe. The blog will brief you about all the pros and cons of the wet wipes and how it can affect your skincare

What are wet wipes made of?


There have been considerable debates with regards to the ingredients of the skin beauty product lotion being present in wet wipes, there are very rare cases where the details about the actual fiber material present in it are available on the packaging as we see it in textile products.  Wet wipes are a mixture of skin beauty product liquid/lotion on a tissue customized for varied skin types and skincare. They are made from non-woven fibers that are 10 times more absorbent than cotton.  The majority of wet wipes contain fossil-based raw materials, due to minimal information provided about it on the packaging, people are not aware of it. According to the Consumer Good Forum, a recently conducted debate stated just one in ten consumer suspected plastic in this beauty product. Wet wipes are partly made with plastic resins like polyester or polypropylene, and it is a form of plastic that doesn't deteriorate as a tissue might do. Some wet wipes are made of wood pulp, the material that toilet paper is made from, they're also chemically treated to ensure they are long-lasting. Their plastic properties are the reason they never fully biodegrade and simply break into smaller and smaller pieces further releasing countless microscopic fibers into the environment.

Uses of wet wipes

Uses Of Wet Wipes
Uses Of Wet Wipes

All across the world, wet wipes are gaining importance and the benefits it offers are appreciated by both men and women. Wet wipes today are a quintessential requirement, they are convenient, easy to use, and serve numerous purposes such a cleansing, skincare, hygiene, and well being. Wet wipes are appreciated well in today's fast-moving world due to its portability factor, freshness, and tenderness on the sensitive skin. Following are some of the uses of wet wipes apart from using it for babies-

1. Neatly removes eye makeup and excess nail polish
2. Works as a substitute for toilet paper
3. Can be used to clean plastics
4. Gets to corners where dusters can’t reach
5. Removes hair dye stains
6. Freshen up your skin on a scorching hot day
7. Removes deodorant markings on dark clothing
8. Removes makeup from clothes, other stains also
9. Can be used for sanitizing public areas such as toilet seats
10. Shine up your shoes no matter which fabric is it.
11. Cleanses your computer and phone screens

Types of wipes available

Nail Polish Remover Wipes
Nail polish remover wipes


I'm pretty sure that many of you must be unaware like me that there are varieties of wet wipes available in the market. Through the years, the skin beauty product industry has been blooming and have developed more niche products. Wipes can be used as an alternative for an actual soap and here is the list of different kinds of wipes available in the beauty and hygiene market-

1. Baby wipes- These are the basic ones that we all are familiar with, they are safe enough to be used on the sensitive and tender skin of babies, can be used for cleaning them from head to toe. These can also be used to clean your makeup brushes and sponges.

2. Makeup remover wipes- The world is moving faster every minute and so are we, in this fast-moving world, these wipes are an actual blessing, removes makeup, refreshes and moisturizes the skin along with maintaining your skincare. They are also called as facial wipes. These further have categories like- eye makeup remover wipes and lipstick wipes. 

3. Cooling wipes- They are also widely known as sport wipes, they cool down the skin on contact. They are best to be utilized after working out for wiping the sweat away.

4. Perfume wipes- They work as an alternative to the perfume bottles. 

5. Body wipes- They are quite similar to cooling wipes, leaves a cooling sensation on the skin, they are good when you have to skip your shower. 

6. Medical wipes- Medical wipes further have a different type like acne wipes, boogie nose wipes, and hemorrhoid wipes.

7. General cleaning wipes- They are great for cleaning households, disinfects electronics, tabletops and other personal effects. They are not to be used on the skin.

8. Pet wipes- All the pet lovers, you can use these to clean your pet's bowl and other accessories while you're on the go.  

9. Intimate wipes- They are best for cleaning when you are traveling.

10. Deodorant wipes- These wipes are gentle enough to deodorize your armpits after intense sweating or work out.

11. Nail polish remover wipes- Do not have the time to sit and remove your nail polish with a fuss of cotton ball and bottle of nail polish remover, move to nail polish remover wipes, they are a quick way to remove a manicure.

12. Antibacterial wipes- They remove all the bacteria, and good for sanitizing the hands and make them bacteria-free.

13. Cosmetics sanitizer wipes- These are best for makeup artists on go, this one cleanses your makeup brushes and sponges between the busy wedding and client shoots.

14. Lotion wipes- They are a little expensive but gives the same moisture as a body lotion does.

How are baby wipes different from normal wet wipes? 


Wet Wipes Vs Baby Wipes
Wet Wipes Vs Baby Wipes

What are biodegradable wipes and how they differ from others?

Biodegradable wipes
Biodegradable wipes

Biodegradable wipes contain ingredients which are safe and gentle on sensitive skin, they are made out of natural ingredients such as Bamboo, wood, pulp, and cotton, the best part about them is they break down within a short period after use, gracing the environment.  They are much better for the skin as they contain soothing and nice-smelling botanical extracts and essential oils, and are fragrance-free with minimal additives. But not all of them are organic but are eco-friendly beauty products. They’re better than the rest as being created out of natural fibers they break down in a matter of weeks and don't cause any harm to mother earth. They also promote sustainability in beauty. 

How big is the wipe market globally?


According to the data provided by MarketWatch "Wet tissue and wipe market" size is estimated to grow at CAGR of 7% with USD xx during the forecast period 2020-2023. The "YOY (year-over-year) growth rate for 2020 is estimated at 5.93%%" by the end of 2023. Here is the list of leading wet tissues and wipe manufacturers- 

  • 3M Co.
  • Essity Aktiebolag (publ)
  • Henkel AG and Co. KGaA
  • Johnson and Johnson Services Inc.
  • Kimberly-Clark Corp.
  • S. C. Johnson and Son
  • Inc.
  • The Clorox Co.
  • The Procter and Gamble Co.
  • Unicharm Corp.
  • Unilever Group

Baby wipes, in particular, holds a major market and major players in the Baby Wipes segment are Jhonson & Jhonson Pvt Ltd, Procter & Gamble Co, The Himalaya Drug Company, Cotton Babies Inc, Babisil Products Ltd, Unicharm Corporation, Kirkland, Moony, Pampers, Medline and Hengan International Group Company Ltd.

What are organic wipes and are they any better than chemical wipes?


Difference Between Organic and chemical wipes
Difference Between Organic and chemical wipes

What harms can wet wipes cause to you?

Wet wipes are the reason behind 93% of sewer blockages, 9.3million of them are flushed down in toilets every day. Keeping the facts aside they're causing harm to the oceans, lining beaches, clogging up our sewers and severely causing environmental destruction, but with all these factors they’re also really bad news for your skin still it is stated that by 2021, global sales of wet wipes are forecast to hit $20billion. The only reason they are popular is because of the portability factor, they are insanely convenient, including the perks like removing makeup and cleansing your face in seconds. Here are the horrors that face wipes are causing to your skin- Not actually cleaning your face- If you think a face wipe can clean your skin just like a facial cleanser it is not true, they often leave behind grime, and oil which may over time lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and also irritation. They don't clean your skin. Causes skin trauma- People with sensitive skin should not use wet wipes regularly as it can cause irritation from the rubbing action of facial wipes, which can further lead to redness. Makes your skin age a lot quicker- Regular usage of wet wipes can lead to accelerated dehydration, taking away the skin's natural oil away, and challenges the pH of the skin's acid mantle, in the short term skin, will become red, inflamed, and spotty. In the long run, it will make skin lined, wrinkled, slack, and dull.



There are many wet wipes brands in the market, but the problem is to pick up an appropriate pack for your skin. Here are some of the brands you can look forward to-

1. The Body Shop - The brand's Tea Tree Cleansing wipes contain tea tree oil which is a total boon for the skin. They keep your skin clean and healthy.

2. Neutrogena - Wet wipes from this brand are super moist and soft. These wipes are suitable for oily skin as the oil-absorbing essence in these wipes absorbs oil easily, giving your skin a refreshing look.

3. Johnson’s Face Care -Wipes offered by Johnson's are 100% skin-friendly as they do not contain any harsh chemicals and are dermatologically tested.  These wipes are good for sensitive skin and also can be used to remove waterproof makeup.

4. Nivea - Nivea’s wet wipes contain vitamin E and are alcohol-free. They are skin-friendly.

5. MAC - Mac wipes are infused with vitamin E and are good for highly sensitive skin. These wipes leave your skin moisturized and supple.

6. Himalaya - The brand's wet wipes contain the moisture of Aloe Vera and the brand has launched their Purifying Neem facial wipes too. Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property keep your skin fresh and healthy. 


The wet wipe market is anticipated to rise in the coming years, but with the spreading awareness about sustainability in beauty, biodegradable, and organic wet wipes have higher chances to grow.

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