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What Are The Best Korean Beauty Trends?

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What Are The Best Korean Beauty Trends?

For all these years, Korean beauty in India has taken a rise from zero to top. During this global pandemic, people mostly searched for Korean Beauty Products and the best Korean beauty trends to add them to their beauty regimes. K-Beauty is everywhere, it is estimated that by 2026 the K-Beauty Market will be worth an estimated $21 billion.

One of the reasons that Korean skincare routines stand out is their high use of natural and organic ingredients. Koreans use ingredients that are not commonly used by other countries or places. The usage of such uncommon yet beneficial ingredients has made Korean products enticing for the whole world to use.

What Is Korean Beauty?

The beauty trends which are derived from South Korea are the main K-Beauty trends. In East Asia, South East Asia, this particular fad gained immense popularity around these years. Countries like the US and places in South Asia have gone crazy over these best Korean beauty trends.

You might think, how is beauty considered in Korea? The Korean Beauty standards mainly prioritize a slim figure, a small face, v-shaped jaw, pale skin, straight eyebrows, flawless skin, and larger eyes.

The type of skin these people carry is phenomenal. Their skin has a shiny luster, and natural tints which are all gifts of the Korean skincare regimes.

Korean beauty in India utilizes the most effective Western ingredients and so much more.India is one of the leading markets for Korean beauty products. India has varied skin types including dry skin, combination skin, and oily skin. The Korean beauty products fit well into their skincare routine

History Of K-Beauty Trends

  • The origin of Korean cosmetics began from the Ancient Chosun era. In the Ancient Chosun era, they used ornaments and colored them to show their social position class and religious symbols.
  • People of that era, glorified fair skin type. People in Manchu (a primitive place) applied some lard to their bodies and it prevented them from frostbite to soften their skin. This was originated from Korean cosmetics.
  • There were a total number of three main kingdoms of Korean rule where different skincare tips were followed by the women.

Goguryeo: People were absorbed in makeup, regardless of status or the rich and the poor. Women used to comb their hair beautifully, trim their eyebrows, and they used to wear rouge on their cheeks to add a color tint to the cheeks.

Baekje: People of this era, used to wear light makeup. The light makeup techniques were popular amongst the women of the Baekje era.

Hair and make-up have become status symbols and it is also said that there is no concrete record of the existence of any makeup technology in the Baekje era.

While recalling the past, let us know the Latest Korean Beauty trends:

beauty trends
Carrot Seed Oil Courtesy@The

1. Carrot-Seed Oil: This one is an unsung hero at the moment but has been used in Korean beauty for more than 10 years now.

It contains vitamin A and makes for a great antioxidant. It's antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and antifungal, all of which make it ideal for anyone looking to enhance their skin.

2. Hanbang Ingredients: The term Hanbang is used for herbal ingredients. These ingredients are being used in several Korean Beauty trends and have been considered a staple for the best Korean beauty trends.

For example, Ginseng Root, (Houttuynia Cordata), Sacred Lotus, and Rehmannia contain highly effective anti-aging, anti-inflammation, and regenerative properties.

Korean beauty
acid layering courtesy

3. Acid Layering: K-beauty has been incorporating more acid into its products, but with a gentle approach that focuses on maintaining the balance that doesn’t harm the skin with following the skincare tips.

Too much acid input can irritate and aggravate your skin, and too little will yield no results, so products with an optimal amount are important.

Use the right balance of AHAs and BHAs (plant and animal-derived acids) to gently exfoliate dead skin cells to get a smooth skin texture.

Korean beauty in India
Donkey Milk Skin Care Products- Courtesy@pongdang

4. Donkey Milk: Thirty miles from Seoul, the fortune of donkey farms in the area turned around when the animal’s milk became an important source of a core K-Beauty ingredient – milk.

Historically, donkeys were the preferred means of transport for Korean aristocrats because of their slow pace, but today the entire farm is dedicated to producing milk that is embodied in the K-Beauty products. Donkey's milk has much more protein than cow's milk, and it is known for its properties for immunity and how is it added to every woman’s skincare routine.

Donkeys are milked manually after which the milk is immediately frozen. The Korean beauty in India is also considering Donkey’s milk as a beneficial factor for their skin’s health.

5. Gentle Retinol: Korean beauty regime approaches the 'skin first' formula. For them, self-care and skincare is an essential part of their lifestyle. There are no negatives to retinol’s powerful anti-aging properties, but the K-beauty uses a lower percentage of it in the skincare routine, so the skin stays healthier with less irritation.

Retinol is considered highly efficacious without causing unnecessary damage to the skin. Add it to your skincare tips and get that amazing skin you’ve always desired for.

Where Can You Buy The Best K-Beauty Trends For Your Home?

There are several online outlets for you to buy Korean Beauty products, some of them are:

  • SOKO GLAM: If you’re talking about Korean beauty, you can’t stay put without mentioning SOKO GLAM. That is an online heavyweight for Korean Beauty Products. This is the best place to start your K-Beauty shopping if you're a beginner. It covers all the best skincare routines, skincare tips, and the best Korean beauty trends.
  • The Face Shop: K-beauty enthusiasts can find this leading retailer everywhere from Australia to across the U.S. the Face Shop was launched in South Korea back in 2003 and has since become the Sephora of Korean beauty products.

Disney fans take note that the brands recently collaborated to bring you mouse-eared lip balms and princess sheet masks from The Face Shop to offer you the best skincare regime techniques to revitalize your skin.

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I Knock Fashion Desk:

The beauty industry in India has observed several ups and downs after the global pandemic, but the Korean Beauty trends experienced massive attention by the woman in India and many other countries. The natural presence of these products is best to rejuvenate your skin and make it look flawless.

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