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What Are The Nail Color Trends For 2020?

What Are The Nail Color Trends For 2020?

Nail Art

Who doesn’t love looking at those perfectly manicured nails painted with nail color worth drooling over? And to add to that nail art has taken over the world – from monogrammed nails to mismatched nails there’s something for everyone. But what are the nail color trends for 2020? Let’s take a look!

The Origin Of Nail Art

Globalization has had various effects and one of the best is undeniably the fact that India is in sync with fashion and beauty worldwide. The beauty culture is changing the world over and nail art is the new ‘IT’ thing. But what is nail art, and how did it come about?

Although the exact origin of nail art is uncertain, sources believe that nail art started in 5000 BC in India when women dyed their fingertips with henna. Women have painted their nails for many centuries and still continue to do so, but nail art has been a recent phenomenon. One often visits malls and finds these pop up creating magic with your nails – yes that is nail art.

French Manicure
French Manicure

What Is Nail Art?

Nail art is the art of painting and decorating nails with colorful designs, patterns, materials, and even gemstones to add a new twist to the traditional manicure. Further, it also serves as an accessory to any outfit and has boomed breaking into high fashion and pop culture.

The art is also used as a medium for expressing their individuality and personal style for the new generation of women. Today nail art is used as a canvas for freestyle artistic creativity and not just feminine elegance. More and more beauty salons are specializing in attention-grabbing nail polish using stickers, foil, and 3D designs.

Types of Nail Art

Nail art can be broadly put into three categories namely – Acrylic nails, gel nails and, fiberglass or silk nail wraps.

Acrylic nails are the most popular artificial nails. They are a combination of a liquid and powder that creates a hard, protective layer over the natural nail. The finished product is cured, normally by air-drying.

Gel Nail Art
Gel Nail Art

The gel nail manicure involves the application of two or three layers of special gel polish to the nails, which is then set using a UV light. The nail is then filed and polished with the desired color or decorated with nail art.

Fiber Glass or Silk Nail Wraps are not as popular as acrylic or gel nails. Fiberglass nails, also known as silk wraps, involve the use of thin, flexible products made from silk, fiberglass or other fabrics. Fiberglass nails are thin wraps applied to the nail for extra reinforcement.

Which of these 3 Last Longer and How Long?

Gel nails last for two weeks after which your natural nails become visible so a touch up is required.
Acrylic nails last for one to three weeks at max and fiberglass nails also stay on for two weeks.
While all of them stay on for a minimum of two weeks, they all need to be retouched. The durability of these further depends on how well you look after your nails.

Side Effects Of Fake Nails

While the upside of fake nails is that they last for a long duration and look gorgeous, they also have a downside. One must acknowledge the fact that fake nails are applied using products and these products contain certain chemicals. While the nails aren’t harmful, putting them on and taking them off is what is problematic. The process can involve acids and other chemicals that could cause allergic reactions. Damage to artificial nails also can lead to fungal infections and other problems.

What Nail Colors Are in for 2020?

The right nail color can make or break a look. When it comes to the latest women’s fashion trend, painted nails are a part of the list. 2019 has seen a surge of pastel hues, mismatched nail colors and many more. While looking at the trends of 2020 one can say that there are some trends to take note of – creamy hues, animal print nail art, pastel yellow, metallic, barely-there nail paint, pearl tips, and glitter nails.

Leopard French Nails Photo Courtesy: Kylie Jenner's Instagram
Leopard French Nails
Photo Courtesy: Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

The Jenners have been the trendsetters for a long time now, recently Kylie Jenner was spotted with a leopard print nail art, this is sure to become a style statement soon.

Neon Nails
Neon Nails

What Color Nails Make You look, Tan?

Some nail color options are undoubtedly cooler than others because they have the effect of making one look tanner without one actually getting a spray tan on! A two-in-one bonus. So if you’re looking to go for a tan look these are the shades that you must invest in –the color of the season, classic blue, coral, sunshine yellow, hot pink and shimmery gold.

Types Of Nail Shapes And Trends

We all know the basic nail shapes – square and round, but there’s more to the list.

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The square nail shape is self-explanatory – they’re flat on top with straight, sharp corners. These make for a great shape for those with short nails or long, narrow nail beds.

Round Nails – The round nails are an ideal shape for those who like to keep their nails clipped short. Round nails are curved at the edges to match the natural shape of your fingers.

Oval nails are those with an extreme curve it makes the fingers look longer and more slender.

Squoval nails are ideal for those ones who dislike sharp edges. This flattering shape has softened corners for the best of both worlds.

Just like the classic stiletto heels, the Stiletto nails are all about the drama. The nails are extremely pointed at the top with a wider base. The nails are similar to the shape of an inverted ice-cream cone.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

A current favorite without any doubt is the Ballerina’s nails. They are also referred to as Kylie Jenner’s signature nails. Ballerina’s nails are essentially the stiletto nail, but with a square rather than the pointy tip. The nails resemble the shape of a ballerina slipper and hence the name.

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