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What Goes In To The Making Of A Fashion Influencer

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What Goes In To The Making Of A Fashion Influencer

Ever been interested in the lives of the fashion people? Here is what goes into the making of a fashion influencer?

Fashion Industry has restyled itself with the advent of social media and digitalization. Influencers have been successful in showing the glitz and glam of fashion through their everyday activities and choices via social media influencer marketing. Interaction with the consumer world has undergone a transformation from solely relying on print media and catwalks on the ramp to the visuals and digital posts with a click of a button for the latest trends.

There is no defined age for a fashion influencer rather it depends on the originality of the content. It is a play in which the audience has an imperative role along with the content delivered to them. Good content with skilled fashion choices is what makes the most of social media following. An Influencer’s life in the fashion industry is dealt with a lot of difficulties, as one needs to brighten herself/ himself in the niche market of fashion.

The fashion industry possess a lot of career opportunities, in which a fashion influencer especially an Instagram fashion influencer plays an important role in the contemporary world. This profession opts for skills and understanding of fashion, which would either make or break the life of an influencer. She/he is long-lived if he/she is able to deliver the appropriate choice of fashion through their daily interactions with the consumer directly and does not rely on publications.

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With phones and digitalization, conveying your life has become easier

Followers and Engagements

An influencer needs to have a minimum of 10,000 followers and based on the number of followers they are selected for brand promotions. Brands differentiate between the micro (more than 10,000 loyal followers) , maxi ( more than 20,000 to 1 million), and mega (more than 1 million) influencers.

With short term engagements or long term collaborations, brands invest their money and confidence in the influencer. Many brands leverage fashion influencers for their business growth. Correct associations are important for collaborations to reach the perfect audience, hence the right influencer needs to be hired for the promotion of goods and services who has a stronghold in the social media influencer marketing. Brands endorse them and invite them to events and parties in their respective products and hence expect to promote the same on the influencers and brand’s social media handles.

Signing the contract and getting associated with a big brand is easier than maintaining the dignity and value and fulfill legal and ethical formalities. A Fashion influencer needs to be creative and innovative in terms of promotion and digital activities. Regular or alternative days of posting about the current brand and its specialties would increase the hype for the particular brand and its services by the Instagram fashion influencer. Promoting goods and services digitally via stories or posts among their ardent followers is the requirement of most brands for collaboration.

How to Promote Yourself as an Influencer?

Before promoting others, self-promotion is very pivotal-

  • Find a niche that chooses your personality and you are passionate about
  • Create a good bio, share your stories via Instagram feeds with consist posts and hashtags
  • Relevant tagging of brands and engaging meaningfully with the audience would help in promotion.

Factors Deciding the Remuneration Asked by the Influencer 

The remuneration depends upon a number of factors like-

  • Number of followers
  • Amount of engagement
  • Number of posts
  • Type of post (audio, video, image) and appropriateness of the advertisement with the brand.

 Average fashion influencers on different platforms will charge $1,000 per 1,00,000 followers (Instagram), $500 per campaign in 24 hours (Snapchat), and approx. $2,000 per 1,00,000 followers (YouTube).  On average an influencer can charge between $75 and $3000 per post. 

Famous Instagram Fashion Influencers with a Blue Tick – Shows What Goes into the Making of a Fashion Influencer

A blue tick on Instagram verifies that this account truly is an authentic account for the celebrity, public figure, or global brand it represents. How do you get a blue tick? – Simple just log onto your account, go for the settings and press request verification, upload the necessary documents, and let Instagram do the rest.

There have been inspiring stories about the fashion influencers whose names are famous on Instagram like Chiara Ferragana, Mariano di Vaio and Diipa Khosla.

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Fashion Influencer, Chiara Ferragana

Chiara Ferragana, an Italian influencer rose to fame early in her life. Founder of with17 million followers, she turned out to be a global businesswoman with 30 million Euros worth business. Grown in Milan, she started her journey by taking photographs of herself outside fashion shows and sharing on social media, this helped her to rise as a media star stated the Financial Times by Rachel Sanderson. She decided to quit her studies of international law in Milan as she started earning a decent living early in her life. In an urge to internationalize herself she moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and came back to Milan in 2016 as the most famous and powerful social media influencer marketing person. She was put on the cover of the Spanish Vogue and Forbes also listed her on “30 under 30” list of power brokers. Later she also launched her own clothing line of clothes and accessories.

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Fashion Influencer, Mariano Di Vaio

Another Italian influencer, Mariano Di Vaio moved to London in order to peruse the career of a model and actor. He also enrolled in The New York Film Academy. Back in Italy with higher brand collaborations like Roberto Cavalli Perfume, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Omega and Cruciani he was shot for magazine covers.

Passionate about men’s wear, he started his own blog to dedicate his vision about the perfection for men’s clothing. He launched his own brand “MDV” and moved to e-commerce “Nohow” in 2014.  He also owns a jewel line along with accessories, eyewear, and a shoe collection. “Mariano di Vaio- My Dream Jobs”, an informative book on elegant styling incorporated with young and established ideas, holds the easy adaptations of his perfect styling for every occasion.

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Elle Influencer and Brand Ambassador of Vogue Wedding Show India, Diipa Khosla

Diipa Khosla, the Elle Influencer and also the brand ambassador of the Vogue Wedding Show, India, is the first Indian to collaborate with M.A.C for a collection inspired by her wedding look. With 980k + followers now, she had started her journey while she was studying International Law, by giving advices on beauty, style, human rights issues etc.

Diipa told Travel and Leisure India, that after completing her Bachelor’s she interned with a European organization of Influencers, that gave her the idea of doing it on her own for herself. She has collaborated with a number of fashion and beauty brands some being – Loreal, Clinique, Swarovski etc.

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Fashion influencers have taken the front seats and drive the fashion industry according to their own wish and style guide. Living the life of an Instagram fashion influencer opting for social media influencer marketing opens the doors for big and luxurious brands to collaborate but in return requires ample amount of hard work and knowledge to sustain in the fashion industry.

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