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What Is Color Psychology In Fashion?

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What Is Color Psychology In Fashion?

“You Are What You Adorn!”

All of us are introduced to the concept of color psychology as soon as we step into the world. For instance, you must have noticed how little girls dressed in pink and boys in blue. Even today, we watch videos on Instagram where people reveal their baby’s sex with Colors, blue for boy and pink for a girl. So, it won’t be wrong to say that color psychology takes place even before you are born. The fact is colors carry a strong resonance with people than just setting fashion trends.

Emotions can take dominance of the colors we choose. The colors in garments can also transform emotions. The lesser-known fact here is, according to speculated data, 86% of consumers believe that color is the essential factor while buying a garment or a product. It takes only 92 seconds for a product to create an impression. Colors in fashion have a similar effect when you want to change your mood or send off a specific message with your garments. From femininity and masculinity to emotions and cravings, colors have the power to evoke every type of feeling. According to research, the color of your clothes is capable of communicating your status and level of intelligence to others. Every year fashion trend forecasters select a color as the color of the year for instance, this year Pantone Color is Classic Blue.

Today, I Knock Fashion is here to break down why you wear what you wear, and we’ll be codifying the qualities of different colors. 

Understanding Colors Psychology!

fashion industry
Colours- Qualities & Themes!

Classy is the original black they say, and we can’t deny it. Recently a survey took place, where thousands of people were asked to evaluate images of the opposite sex and to save for the color of the t-shirt they were wearing. The result was nothing but expected, maximum people singled out the color black as the leader in confidence, intelligence, and elegance. 

You didn’t even pay much attention, but a gut response to color is nothing new. There are reasons why a red dress, is picked for occasions, and why a blue sweater is the best option for chilly winters. Color psychology is controlled by numerous different factors, such as gender, age, and culture. From ages, it is being utilized in marketing to help impact consumers’ perception of goods and instill brands with personality traits. From Victoria Secret’s flirty pink color to Dior’s classic black, every color holds authenticity and unique meaning.

Colors Psychology In Fashion! 

Below, we’ve broken down the psychological relations behind fashion’s most popular colors. If you want to get the scoop on which shades will work best for all your outfit needs- 

1. Black (Glamour)

latest indian fashion
Black Dress

The appeal of black lies in its contradictory nature, it is one of the most powerful colors as it can be both, no color and all color simultaneously. It gives a mysterious appeal and constantly stays in fashion trends

Qualities- Air of efficiency and No-nonsense competence 

Positive- Security, Sophistication, Efficiency, Emotional Safety 

Negative- Heaviness, Coldness, Oppression, Menace 

It’s no-nonsense competence, makes it the perfect choice to wear for meetings with a potential employer. The psychology features of black are strong it absorbs all the energy coming towards you. It is majorly the absence of light and can be heavy for people who are afraid of the dark. The color resonates with absolute clarity, with no nuances. It portrays sophistication, and that is the reason numerous Indian fashion designers create a collection with a full black theme. According to research, the color black is perceived to portray- seriousness, power, prestige, and intelligence. The people commonly adorning black are both ambitious and sensitive. It is mostly worn during a vulnerable period or event to provide a sense of mental armor.

2. Brown(Support)

latest fashion trends
Brown Dress

The color often is considered to be unfashionable, but it can set some latest fashion trends. Brown can stimulate the feelings of stability and strength, after all, that could be more solid than the color of the rock itself. 

Qualities- Strength & Stability 

Positive- Earthiness, Warmth, Seriousness

Negative- Lack Of Sophistication & humor 

Remember making brown in school? It is a mixture of red, yellow, and black. The color contains qualities of all the three mixture colors, the warmth of black, elements of red, and properties of yellow. The brown color is mostly spotted at Indian sustainable fashion blog sites, as it is associated with the earth and the natural kingdom. The color is also considered to be supportive, depicting reliability, stability, and strength. It is said, that the people who adorn brown frequently are conservative, respectful, and look for peace and stability in life.

3. Blue(Intellectual)

Blue Dress
Blue Dress

Think for a second, how many people have told you that their favorite color is blue? You didn’t have to try hard, right? There are plenty of them even the Indian cricket team has a blue uniform. The color causes the body to discharge calming chemicals, and if not, the players who need calmness more. Apart from this it also stimulates loyalty and concentration now you know why they have a blue uniform?  

Qualities- Patience, Dependability, Intelligence, Strength, Calm 

Positive- Trust Efficiency, Duty, Coolness, Communication, Serenity 

Negative- Lack Of Emotions 

The color blue is a soothing color of the mind it has a mental effect. It is the color of crystal clear communication. Although the color bounds the country through cricket yet, it can feel unemotional and cold. It is best to adorn for interviews, meetings, or presentations as it signals confidence and reliability.

4. Grey (Bland)

Grey Dress
Grey Dress

“Fashion is not always black and white sometimes it is different shades of grey!”

Grey is a shade which actually in the middle of the road, a combination of the two extremes- white and grey. 

Qualities- Serene, Power, Intellect

Positive- Psychological Equity

Negative- Lack Of Confidence & Energy, Misery

Indian fashion designers love to play with the shades of grey. We can see many designers experimenting with shade grey in their collections. Still, the shade is not usually used alone as wearing too much grey shows a lack of confidence. As excessive use of grey also denotes fear of exposure therefore, if a person wears too much grey, it shows that he or she does not wants to be noticed. The color still cannot be ignored, as grey is a color of tranquillity and maturity. Fashion blog sites will always have something to show you in grey as the color, always makes it to be in the fashion trends. The formals are usually preferred to be grey as it looks mature and also soothes anxiety.

5. Violet (Spiritual)

Violet Dress
Violet Dress

The color has spiritual qualities as it encourages deep contemplation and meditation. The color has the shortest wavelength, which is visible to a human eye. Its spiritual qualities have made it the color of opulence and royalty. 

Qualities- Eccentric, Royal, Spiritual, Elegance 

Positive- Relation With Self, Luxury, Authenticity, Spiritual Awareness 

Negative- Inferiority, Degeneracy, Bashful, Subduing 

The color violet is a shade that enhances one’s relation with the higher self. It is a color of spiritual powers. Violet has always been a color of royalty. The royalty of violet can be seen in the designs of the Indian Fashion Designers too. The color is highly introvertive, and the people who wear violet more often are known to be emotional and sensitive. But at the same time, violet lovers are passionate too.

6. Yellow(Emotional)

latest fashion for girls
Yellow Dress

Yellow color causes the release of serotonin, that is why it is celebrated for optimism and often associated with happiness and laughter. Emojis you see! 

Qualities- Optimism, Motivation, Energy, Positivity, Hope, Creativity 

Positive- Friendliness & Strength 

Negative- Fear & Emotional Fragility

According to psychology yellow color is the most active one. It is mostly in summer fashion trends, as it lights up the mood. Although Indian fashion designers believe that too much of yellow or the incorrect tone of yellow can down the self-confidence. Yellow also increases concentration and attention, therefore it’s mostly on hoardings, road signals, and advertising sites. It is stated that the color is mostly adorned by active, creative, and Adventist people. 

You can adorn yellow to boost optimism is an important event, or to inspire workout. 

7. Green (Harmony) 

latest fashion for men
Zayn Malik In Green

The color is so soothing that your eyes do not need any adjustments to process it. Green is the color of harmony, a color that symbolizes reassurance. 

Qualities- Classy, Comforting, Modernity 

Positive- Peace, Harmony, Refreshing, Environmental Awareness 

Negative- Neutral, Boring 

The color that pleases your eyes the most is green. It symbolizes balance. The color green reflects the caring and kind personality of the person. Colour green can be adorned for calming during or after a stressful period. Every bridal collection of the Indian fashion designers is just incomplete without the color green. Fashion blog sites will always suggest you add some green in your Indian wedding attire.

8. Orange(Warmth)

latest fashion news
Orange Dress

The color is mostly associated with energy and ambition, it is because it marks the dawn of each new day.

Qualities- Innovation, Energy, Friendliness, Happiness, Fun 

Positive- Satisfaction, Creativity, Passion 

Negative- Immaturity, Deprivation

The mixture of red and yellow, orange is the color of fun. The color of adorned wrongly can give out a sense of lack of serious intellectual values. Psychology states those who enjoy adorning orange are optimistic, cheerful, energetic, and always looking for changes. They believe in taking risks, not fond of monotony, are ambitious and prudent. You can adorn the color orange for friendly energy during hosting or networking. The color is easily available in both Indian and western wear outfits at numerous fashion blog sites

9. Red (Bold)

fashion news today
Red Dress

Red is a symbol of power and boldness. The color can attract attention.

Qualities- Romance, Power, Boldness

Positive- Strength, Courage, Energy 

Negative- Aggression, Strain

Red is a dominant color as it has the longest wavelength. It is the purest color and denotes power and warmth. You can not see any collection of Indian Fashion designers without the color red. Red is a universal color and is loved by all. The fashion trends always embrace red as this bright color looks beautiful on every individual. Red can be adorned at a place where you want to grab attention or look powerful.

10. Pink(Soothing)

Pink Dress
Kendell Jenner

Pink is a tint of red, it is extremely soothing. The color is traditionally considered a feminine color. 

Qualities- Feminine, Youthful, Playful, Fun 

Positive- Love, Nurture, Warmth

The color pink is a significant one in terms of psychology. It represents the feminine principles and the survival of the species, it is said to be a nurturing color. According to numerous psychologists, people who are fond of pink are optimistic and romantic. They appreciate kindness in life. Pink is suitable to adorn in parties or social events, as it gives a playful vibe. 

11. White(Purity)

White Dress
White Dress

The color white is said to be the absorption of all colors. It creates a protective barrier around itself that seems to prohibit contact. From a doctor’s coat to bridal outfits everything is white as it’s the color of purity and cleanliness. 

Qualities- Nobility, Cleanliness, Purity, Innocence 

Positive- Sophistication & Purity 

Negative- Coldness & Barriers 

White color is a complete reflection. Just like black it also creates barriers but a completely different one. The color shouts “do not touch me”, it is a sign of purity. White attracts reliable people who enjoy the freedom and who are optimistic about life. It is neutral, and rarely repels others. It can be adorned when you’re feeling guilty about something, or to encourage forgiveness. 

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

These were the psychological properties of the eleven primary colors. Now you know that the four psychological primary colors — red, blue, yellow, and green, relate respectively to the body, the mind, the emotions, and the essential balance between these three. The blog may have helped you to understand how you can harness the positive effects of color. So, which is your favorite color? 

Do let us know in the comment section and stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for further fashion and beauty related updates.

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