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What Is Print Psychology In Fashion?

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What Is Print Psychology In Fashion?


All the fashion fanatics would agree on this, that fashion trends come and go, but some stay evergreen, acing the trend forecasters list, year after year. Today I Knock Fashion will be discussing the prints. Prints may be more or less popular from one season to another, but, on the whole, they always find their place in the fashion trends list as well as our wardrobes. In the year 2019, between all the fashion trends that had their five minutes of fame, the fashion forecasting spotted the celebrated animal prints dutifully return. It is ironic how the fashion transition took place so dramatically over the years. Early men used to adorn animal skin to keep themselves warm and covered, and in the modern fashion world, animal prints garnered attention and stuck to the fashion trends all over. It will not be wrong to say that cycles and recycles are a common thing in the Indian fashion industry, and they usually happen every fifteen years. In this blog, we will be disclosing the ins and outs of prints, the print psychology, how a fashion trend once followed by early men, than our parents and our grandparents still feels as relevant as ever.

Timeline Of Prints In Fashion! 

  80's Popular Prints-

latest indian fashion
Coca-Cola print
  1. Think of an animal, and chances are its hide has been converted into an article of clothing in the '80s. Snakeskin, zebra print, and leopard were spotted appearing on pants, jackets, and everything in between.

  2. Coca-Cola print was also quite famous in neon colors, and mostly red. It came about as a result of a merchandising deal between the soda company and the parent company of Jordache.

  3. Neon prints were one of the biggest fashion trends back in the 80s. 

90s Popular Trends- 

fashion trends 2020
Diana Ross at Embassy Nightclub in London
  1. Who is not familiar with Burberry's check print pattern, but do you know the origin of it? The famous print pattern was the result of a happy accident. It all started in Burberry's Paris store, where the manager wanted to add a splash of color to a display of trenchcoats. He placed some of the coats with the hem facing out, showcasing the "house check" pattern. It took no time for customers to fall in for this look, and were soon desiring for merchandise featuring the check. The store made numerous umbrellas that sold out immediately and soon decided to start making cashmere scarves as well.

  2. In 1983 when Diana Ross was spotted in a striped jumpsuit for a night out at the Embassy Nightclub in London, stripped prints became the new trend. 

  3. The horizontal and vertical print gained new fans after the 1980s. Actresses were spotted posing in turtlenecks and checked blazers during and after the 1980s. 

20s Popular Prints- 

latest fashion trends
R13's urban streetwear collection
  1. Geometry print became extremely famous, there was everything from check prints to mind-boggling architectural shapes.

  2. At R13's urban streetwear collection there was a major animal print collection, everything from orange tiger-stripe jackets to leopard print shorts. Zebra print also became quite famous as David Koma sent models out on his runway in body-hugging dresses covered with zebra print. At a Dolce & Gabbana show, there was a serious jungle theme. 

  3. Symmetrical print got a new fan base in the 20s, and fashion industry giants played an essential role in making it a fashion trend. Givenchy had a more classic feel, with a combination of florals and geometric shapes. Others who presented some symmetrically placed designs on a few garments included Prada, Valentino, and Gucci. 

  4. Polka dots can never go out of trend recently there was a black baby-doll dress at Marc Jacobs that was covered in white polka dots.

The Journey Of Prints! 

latest fashion for women
SS20 show of Balenciaga

Prints have always been the fashion industry's favorite way of livening up or adding a pop of color to an outfit. The animal prints are something that most women like to adorn. Last year at SS20 show of Balenciaga, leopard print arrived in coat form, masculine and oversized with padded shoulders. But things weren't always this way, earlier men used to adorn animal skin, later they started making garments out of the animal skin. The main change in the fashion industry arose when in the 1980s, organizations like PETA raised their voices against animal suffering, led by the fashion industry. With increasing anger amongst consumers, the fashion industry came up with numerous alternatives and tried to avoid animal cruelty. Today not just animal prints but stripes, checks, watercolor abstract, florals, all are embraced by the world.  Prints have been acing the fashion trends list for a very long time now, not only do prints elevate an outfit, but wearing them correctly also helps enhancing your figure by balancing proportions or providing subtle distractions. Like every other fashion trend, before adorning prints, you need to research a little. The capability to embrace prints isn't inbuilt it takes numerous trials and errors before nailing it perfectly. That is why I Knock Fashion has stepped ahead and done the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is, hit the shops. 

I Knock Fashion's Tip To Rocking Prints According To Your Body Type! 

You must be familiar with the concept of how black is universally slimming, the prints you adorn, play a similar role. The type of print you chose to adorn, can play around with the perception of volume. Following are the two major rules to live by before adorning or buying prints-  ◦ Horizontal stripes and large prints tend to increase volume.  ◦ Vertical stripes and small prints decrease volume.  You may have not given it proper attention, but the scale and density of a print can also affect your figure. You should always look forward to a print that embraces your overall body scale. For instance, people with larger facial features work best with larger prints and vice versa. If you are someone with a slim body type, you can pick for sparser prints, as it will make the body appear larger. On the other hand, if you are someone looking to appear slimmer with the print effect, pick for denser prints, as they are more flattering and view the print as a whole. Following are some of the tips on print psychology, take notes, and flatter in the prints, next time. 

1. Body Shape- If You're Someone Short Heightened!

latest fashion for girls
Short Heightened

If you stand under 165cm, larger prints can extra highlight your proportions, so it's better to stick to smaller patterns and prints like mini polka dots, which are in the current fashion trends and thin stripes. Your body type will sync around best with vertical stripes, as they will help elongate your form when paired with heels. If you still want to adorn larger prints, no need to stress about it, just pair the larger prints with a neutral top or bottom.

2. Body Shape- If You Have Wider Lower Body! 

fashion news websites
Wider Lower Body

If your body is blessed with wider hips than your bust, and your body type is pear or triangle shape, go for neutral colored bottoms that cinch in at the waist and flare out toward your knees. An A-line skirt or wide-legged pants paired up with an upper-body garment that either has horizontal stripes or larger prints will be most appropriate for this particular body type. Go for prints with smaller motifs, like polka dots. 

3. Body Shape- If You Are Someone With Good Height! 

bollywood fashion news
Good Height!

Confused, if you're under this category or not? Let us make it a little easier for you if you're someone with similar measurements of bust and hips this category, is for you. This type of body shape is the most suitable for prints, as with the height they can ace all prints on the various cutting of clothing. You can go with oversized florals on dresses, checks on shirt dresses and can even mix up your prints. All you need to do is enhance the print look by accessorizing it with a belt or rock separates, so it emphasizes your waist. 

4. Body Shape- If You Have A Larger Bust! 

fashion news india
Larger Bust!

the category includes people who have bust larger than the hips. The print works here to balance out your top-heavy figure, by focusing on putting all the volume from the waist down. Go for high-waist pieces with a flowing silhouette with larger prints, and pair it with a solid-colored top. The horizontal-stripped skirts flared pants or A-line skirts will work immensely to balance out your proportions. 

What About Animal Prints?

fashion news today
Kim Kardashian West in Snakeskin Dress

Animal prints have always stayed as one of the biggest fashion trends in the industry. The animal print trend became majorly famous in the 90s, here is a short timeline- 

  1. 1920- In the 1920s, animal print became a trend when popular celebrities like Joan Crawford brought the style into vogue. 

  2. WW II- After the end of world war second, leopard print animal clothing was mass-produced. The leopard print became a major trend when "Christian Dior", advised women, "if you are fair and sweet, don't wear it."

  3. 1950-1960- In these two years, an animal print coat like that of leopard and snake was the signature of a very well-off woman. Later in the 1960s, animal print was stopped for animal cruelty reasons, and the fashion trend slowly turned downwards. 

  4. 1970-1980- In these two specific years, animal prints that of crocodile, leopard, snake, and python came back. Female celebrities were spotted adorning animal print as a sign of power and dominance.

  5. Kardashian & Prints- All of us are aware of how Kim Kardashian is obsessed with animal prints, she is found of it to the extent that for a shoot, her hairstylist decides to give the global icon, hair all decked out in the animal print. Recently she was also spotted adorning a pair of python-print boots with a kitten heel and pointed toe. These python boots were from Kanye West's Yeezy label. The python print was on-trend for fall ’19, and Kim Kardashian West was seen embracing it quite well. She wore a body-confident Versace snakeskin gown with a glittering back for the People’s Choice Awards 2019. The back of the gown was gorgeously done in silver sequins.

fashion industry
Animal Prints & Psychology!

Animal print nowadays has become the part of summer dressing, numerous high street and independent brands are offering animal print in everything, from bucket hats and bikinis to skirts and pants. This is one of the fashion trends that has been on repeat for years, the reason being people's obsession with these. The Indian fashion industry critics may say what is so flattering about an off-beige and polka dotty combination, but fashion psychology states that there's something quite fascinating about wearing the print of an animal that is so sleek, a hunter. Following is the definitive list of what the animal print says about you. 

  1. Classic- You're orthodox, you appreciate things the way they were meant to be. You are fashionable, you like seeing things others don't, classic is something you embrace. 

  2. Mix Prints- You are someone perpetually busy, and strict on the money. You usually don't like investing much time and money to think about the way different prints work so you buy mixed prints. 

  3. Wide Spots- You are young yet too mature, basically an old school kind. You go for wider spots as you're an artistic person, who likes seeing things with a broader perspective. 

  4. Colorful Spots- You're both an environment and fashion enthusiasts, who think buying a colorful animal print does the job of celebrating both the animal and all the colors of nature in one. 

Are Prints Suitable Only To Certain Age Group? 

latest fashion for men
Are Prints Suitable Only To Certain Age Group?

The Indian fashion industry is something that is perpetually transforming and coming up with new fashion trends. It's quite possible that like other numerous ladies you're also scared of donning prints, thinking you may look too bold and overly dressed. But trust us when we say, prints are more wearable than you think. There is no restriction in adorning prints, anyone, at any age, can wear prints. The trick is as simple as not overdoing it. If you're someone looking for adoring prints for the first time, go with staple pieces, team a patterned midi skirt with a basic T-shirt, or a patterned crisp shirt with a pair of wide-leg trousers to the office. This pairing will make you look bold without looking like you've tried too hard. Try adorning prints with neutral colors to make them feel less intimidating. Try with a tiny punch of print and see for yourself how a small dose of the print will instantly make your look more interesting.

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

One of the latest in fashion trends is mixing prints. This latest trend in the fashion industry is highly appreciated as it gives a new vision to dressing-up. Doing print on print can be a little complicated, so would you like to read a separate blog on this?  I Knock Fashion, hopes that this blog was of help in deciding what print you can adorn according to your body type. So, enhance your winter look by layering clothes with darker geometrical, subtle, and military prints. Do let us know which print are you going to shop next in the comment section and stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for further fashion and beauty related updates.

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