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What Is The Psychology Of Sizes In Fashion?

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What Is The Psychology Of Sizes In Fashion?

“It is not about what size you adorn, but how you adorn it!” Psychology in fashion can explain enormous things, did you know it is possible to shop yourself thin? If not, continue reading as the blog will be nothing but a one-stop destination for a complete guide of size psychology in fashion. I Knock Fashion in the past has briefly explained the color psychology and print psychology, today we have done the heavy lifting and taken the fashion psychology initiative one step ahead. Numerous times in life, you must have tried on a new pair of jeans to unexpectedly find that you require a size one or even two times smaller. Dropping a dress size or shoe size can be a case of exploring different brands. The standardized sizing systems were introduced around the 1930s, which aimed to provide consistency and clarity in garment size dimensions. In the past few years, there was the rise of ‘Vanity Sizing’, for those of you who do not know what vanity sizing is, continue reading the blog to explore the world and psychology of sizes in fashion. 

What Is The Psychology Of Vanity Sizing? 

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Vanity Sizing

Still, adorning the same size garments you did in school? Before you appreciate yourself on your fitness, let us break this to you, it is possible that your garments grew along with you. Today the fashion industry in India is 360’ changed, and fashion brands are often using “vanity sizing,” the labeling of clothes with sizes smaller than the actual cut of the items. There are chances that the dresses with size 32 might be closer to size 34 or maybe even 36. In the past few years, the fashion industry in India is transforming the sizing system. The actual measurements are often 1-3 inches larger than the indicated size. Speculated data stated that women have to cope with even greater variability in sizes. It is surprising, but the same woman might be adorning a size 4 in one brand and a size 8 in another. Curious to know why is the fashion industry in India following the concept of vanity sizing?  Recently a study found out that the smaller size labels increased the self-esteem of their customers. The fashion psychology states that the larger size labels (for the same actual size clothing) reduce the self-esteem of the customer. The fashion industry in India and around the world believes that if a certain brand-customer keeps finding that only larger sizes fit her from a particular brand, it is likely that their perception of that brand will decline. It is not like all of the customers care about sizes, a rational consumer would not care what the size label says. A rational customer would worry about the fit and appearance of the garment.  There is no denying that vanity sizing makes shopping for garments more difficult, as manufacturers do not use the same standards for labeling. The only reason the concept of vanity sizing is alive in the fashion industry in India and across the world is that the downsized labels make customers feel good.

What Are Different Body Shapes and Sizes? 

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The Different Types Of Body Shapes!

All bodies come in different shapes and sizes, and there is no denying in saying that this is what makes each of us unique. You must have seen such size blogs in numerous fashion blog sites, but I Knock Fashion has done the heavy lifting and concluded that oftentimes there is enormous variation within one “type.” If you have read the size blogs on different fashion blog sites, you must be familiar with the fact that your shape may feature characteristics from several of the different body types. Without further ado, let us get started with different body sizes and shapes- 

1. Hourglass

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The hourglass body shape is the one where the hips and bust are nearly equal in size. Hourglass body size features a well-defined waist that is narrower than both, bust and hips. In this body shape, the legs and upper body are considered proportionate. The shoulders may be slightly rounded. Top hourglass It has the general hourglass body shape, but the bust measurements are slightly larger than the hips. Bottom hourglass  It also has the general hourglass body shape, but the hip measurements are slightly larger than the bust.

2. Athletic

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This shape and size of body type is mostly muscular but is not particularly curvy. In the athletic body type shoulder and hip measurements are about the same. The waist is narrower than the shoulder and hips, but it is not overly-defined and looks more straight up and down.

3. Rectangle, straight, or "Banana"

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Rectangle, straight, or "Banana"

If the waist measurements are the same as the hip or bust, and shoulders and hips are about the same width, it is a “banana” or rectangle body type.

4. Diamond

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You must have read about this particular body shape on various fashion blog sites. The diamond body size is one with broader hips than shoulders, a narrow bust, and a fuller waistline. 

5. Triangle or “Pear”

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Triangle or “Pear”

This body size has features where shoulders and bust are narrower than the hips. The triangle or “pear” shaped body has slim arms and a fairly defined waist. The waist most likely slopes out to the hips.

6. Round or oval

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Round or oval

In this body size and shape, the bust is larger than the rest of the body. The hips are narrow, and the midsection is fuller. 

7. Spoon

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The spoon body type is a little similar to the triangle or “pear” body shape. In this body type, the hips are larger than the bust or the rest of the body. It has a defined waist and a little weight in the upper arms and the upper thighs.

8. Inverted triangle or “apple”

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Inverted triangle or “apple”

If the shoulder and bust are larger than the narrow hips, it is known as an inverted triangle or “apple” body shape.

How To Style According To Your Body Size? 

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Different Body Shapes and Sizes

I Knock Fashion appreciates the fact that everyone is unique and needs individual advice on how to dress aptly. It is a lesser-known fact, but the body size sets the frame for how to dress aptly. The following are the four different body sizes, and each of them has its own set of rules on how to create balance in the overall appearance.

1. Short 

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Shoulder detailed Top

If you fall under 157.48 cm or downwards, you come under the short women's clothing category. The body shapes under short women's clothing category can be a rectangle, apple, hourglass, and pear.  This category of women can adorn styles and lines if, aspire to look taller. The key to this size is to keep the attention focused upwards. Focus on the upper body, go for necklines and shoulder detail. Avoid too much layering as it will give a shorten impression even more. Never opt for horizontal lines or stripes on your upper or lower body, focus on hairstyle, makeup, hats, and accessories. 

2. Petite

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Layered & Volume Clothing

Short does not always mean petite. This body size connects better to skinny, thin women with a small scale- bone structure. One can be petite, whether short or tall. Petite women can add curves to their body shape by adorning numerous patterns, fabrics, and styles. You must have read in various fashion blog sites, how adding clutter, volume, layers, and color blocks can embrace the entire look of this particular body size. The petite body size women should opt for smaller patterns, or one single oversized print or image on your upper garment will also work fine. You can also go for normal stripes, belts, or heels rather than chunky block footwear.

3. Tall

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Color Blocking Outfit

The women garments for tall women start from 6'0" (182.88 cm) onwards. For taller women, it is best to break their clothing line to appear "shorter". In this body size, the attention should be downwards, opting for styles that have color blocks and layers will help you create the best look. This size body can be best embraced, by using more layers and color blocks on top to shorten the silhouette. Adorning separates, will create balance to the top half, and one can also trust with horizontal lines for this body size.

4. Plus Size 

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Defining the waist Outfit

The plus-size body should avoid bulk and clutter in their garments. This body size can be best embraced, by adding structure to the shoulder, creating a focal point on the neckline. Create a clean upper framework that balances the lower half with defining the waist. You can create a clean upper-frame by avoiding any type and shape of clutter. The best options to adorn are shoulder pads, necklines such as boat, loosely fitted elbow or ¾ sleeve line, color blocks.

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

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vanity sizing

At last, we would like to conclude that no matter what body size or shape you have, you are unique and beautiful in yourself. Concepts like vanity sizing maybe vanish in the future as consumers are calling for more transparency from the fashion industry in India and across the world. Vanity sizing type of psychological trickery may not sit well with numerous people shortly. I Knock Fashion strictly believes that there is no such thing as “ideal” body shape, regardless of what some may try to impose on you. We hope that this blog was helpful enough, and you got a certain idea about how to accentuate your body size with styling. What is the style you going to try next? Do let us know in the comment section and stay tuned with us for further fashion and beauty related updates.

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