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What Should I Gift Her This Valentine's Day?

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What Should I Gift Her This Valentine's Day?

The commencement of February builds excitement within the millennial as they get all set to celebrate the season of love. The weeklong celebration holds in itself different expressions of love and care that are exhibited towards friends, lovers, and family through gifts or greetings.

Legends about Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day holds its origin in the Roman scriptures where legend says that this day is a continuation of the Lupercalia festival where men would randomly choose a women's name from a jar and would couple with them for some time during the festival or even live in and get married.

 Another story glorifies St. Valentine who was executed by the Roman emperor Claudius II. As per the tale St. Valentine believed in the power of love and would secretly marry the Christian couples who were in love with each other.  

Valentine's Week

Celebrated on the 14th of February across the globe, in the modern era, Valentine's day dawns upon 1 week in advance. Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day and finally the big V Day.

What should I gift her this Valentine's Day?

A question most commonly pondered over by men is What should I gift her this Valentine's Day?, so I Knock Fashion has just the right answer for you. Get over flowers and greeting cards, there is much more waiting to be gifted that is the latest fashion trends as a token of appreciation for the love, care and trust she showers upon you. these are some great Valentines day looks for your girl.

  1. Ethnic Andaz

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Ethnic Andaz

The next closest thing to a women's heart after her man and family is jewelry. Be it costume jewelry, diamond, and gold, imitation jewelry or flower jewelry, women love to adorn themselves with it.

Ethnic Andaz started by the duo Vidhi and Nidhi creates statement jewelry pieces. Transforming Indian Jewelry through contemporary designs, the duo is well known for creating fashionable pieces that can be paired with indo western, western and Indian traditional wear outfits.

valentine day
Ethnic Andaz

The art of minimalism is well preserved by the brand, be it hoops, earrings, rings, bangles, or a simple pair of elegant studs you know where to shop for jewelry for your woman's everyday or special occasion need. it perfectly goes along with the fashion trends of 2021.

The most appreciated and hot selling product category of the brand is the 'Floral Fever'. So if you're indecisive about the gift, just log onto and order for some dazzling fashion jewelry that is sure to make a style statement.

gift for valentine day
Ethnic Andaz

Buy here-

  1. Tinkling Toes

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Tinkling Toes

Shop Now

Handcrafted products have always been a luxury that set apart the wearer from others. Tinkling Toes, a handcrafted Jutti brand displays detailed craftsmanship through their pop, funky, everyday and luxury occasion wear juttis.        

Ohh!! She will fall in love with the sequined, frilled, funky theme-based, and shaded footwear. Gift her the emoji juttis or the one with quotes and see her pair it with the casual wear flaunting her valentine's day look to all about who gifted her the amazing product.

valentine day gift
Tinkling Toes

Shop Now

Tinkling Toes is also an environmentally responsible brand, "We as a brand has vowed to not only bring you the unique craft experience but an unparalleled way to endow to the ecosphere. Our Box war Initiative encourages you to push us to produce less packaging waste by offering you an exciting offer when you opt to not take our box." says the founder.

Tinkling Toes latest fashion trend
Tinkling Toes

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A special offer that the brand runs throughout the year is a 15% off on the next purchase if the Especially Pleasing Standard of review, rating, and most importantly feedback is provided to the brand.

Buy here-

IKF Desk

So all the men looking to gift your loved ones a 'special something' go through the links and acquire gifts at affordable costs that are sure to bring a smile on her face and keep her in the latest fashion trend too.


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