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Where Can Indians Travel Now? Restrictions In COVID 19

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Where Can Indians Travel Now? Restrictions In COVID 19

Travel is next on the go-to-list to get the change from the monotonous life of holding yourselves into the houses amidst the second wave of Covid-19 India. The cases dropped, but domestic and international travel restrictions in Covid-19 continue with new travel essentials: RT-PCR, Travelling Pass, and Quarantine rules.

Travel is to explore the wanderlust and improve your mental well-being. It is also an experience to discover a new culture and places. It is all about happiness in the beautiful hills or beaches. But now, domestic and international travel has become a little complicated with the surging Covid 19 India cases. The coronavirus in India changed the travel guidelines and put on some travel restrictions in Covid-19.

Travel in covid 19

Where can Indians travelOne of the searched questions as people want to move out from boredom and want to relax under serenity and tranquillity. Are Indians free from the ban to travel or still under the ban influence? Here is a travel restrictions update in India as the Covid 19 India cases are dropping, and restrictions are unlocking.

Gradually travel has become operational amid coronavirus in India but with fewer capacities and minimum numbers of travelers. The flight capacity has come down to 50% for safety purposes. Also, there has been a price hike of 13-15% as per the Indian Express.

Travel - source@indiatv news
Travel - source@indiatv news

Domestic Travel

The graph of the total cases of Covid-19 India is decreasing, but still, some states continue to adhere to the partial lockdown to break the transmission chain. The Covid-19 vaccine drive helped in lowering down the transmission. Also, the vaccination certificate is one of the essentials for traveling.

States like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra announced partial relaxation of the lockdown with phase-wise unlocking the sectors. But some like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerela, and Goa continue for another week of restrictions.

Travel and tourism incurred losses because of the restrictions, but with the mandatory requirements and latest travel restrictions update in India, it resumes itself to many places like Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and some parts of Himachal Pradesh.

The negative RT-PCR report and movement pass or E-pass for traveling are two of the most vital things to carry. The test report should complete the validation time of 72 hours or three days till the time of travel and can be authenticated from any government hospital or any other private hospital. The E-pass or movement pass can be generated from the government's official site after completing all the necessary details of the journey.


International Travel

The surging Covid-19 India cases banned the Indians from traveling abroad. But as per information, travel restriction in Covid-19 has eased down as some countries opened the tourism for India. Countries like Turkey, Russia, Egypt, and South Africa allow Indians to travel amid the coronavirus in India

There is an answer to where can Indians travel?

Turkey- As per the new guidelines, quarantine for 14-days is essential for travelers from India. They have to undergo an RT-PCR on the fourteenth day before traveling in the country.

Russia- It welcomes the Indian travelers but with a negative RT-PCR test carried out with validation no less than three days or 72 hours before the arrival. Also, passengers have to undergo the covid test at the time of arrival, and if found positive, he/she will send to the Covid facility. Also, the noted Covid-19 vaccine trip to Russia discontinues as Russia disagrees with vaccination to foreigners. 

Egypt- The curbing cases of Covid-19 and black fungus barred the Indians to travel anywhere in the world. But now, the dropping cases open up the various options to travel abroad. Egypt is open for travelers from India. At the time of arrival, passengers will have to take a Rapid DNA test to ensure safety. The test results will come out within 15 minutes, and if found positive, the passenger will either be sent back to the departure area or will be isolated for 14 days.

South Africa- There are no strict Covid restrictions upon traveling to South Africa, but the flights remain restricted. Travelers have to present an RT-PCR test not older than three days or 72 hours. If found symptomatic to Covid-19, the passenger has to undergo a 10-day quarantine.

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