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Why Are Indian Designers Diversifying Their Folios Into Beauty?

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Why Are Indian Designers Diversifying Their Folios Into Beauty?

Grooming is an essential part of everyone’s life, despite their gender. It is important for all of us to look clean, hygienic, and presentable. This is why, everyone has their own grooming and beauty rituals from as basic as washing faces with a cleanser to taking special treatments like chemical skin peeling. Consumer’s love for looking beautiful is what the beauty industry thrives on. And, the beauty craze is rapidly growing. In the past few years, consumers have been spending more disposable income on cosmetics than usual.

Today’s young population aged between 18 and 24 are the major driving forces and the biggest consumer base of the beauty market. These are the people who are not afraid to experiment and welcome the new. In lieu of this, Indian designers are diversifying their folios into beauty too.                                            

Beauty industry on the rise

The new-age consumer has become more aware and curious. They are on a journey of exploring new products and brands. The new consumers are shifting away from the traditional brands that the older generation preferred. They are moving towards more locally-made, organic, and natural product brands. The beauty market is flooded with new entrants, every day there is a new brand with a new concept in the market. These brands bring with them the promise of nature and creativity in their products and packaging. These creative young brands have added a new wave of freshness to the beauty industry. As these new young brands are becoming popular amongst the consumers, more and more major beauty brands are feeling threatened by them. Therefore, they are acquiring them at a higher pace. This is further motivating these new entrants to push their creativity and come under the umbrella of these big brands at a higher value.

The consumers’ increased interest in the beauty and care products is estimated to bring a boom of more than $800 billion in the next five years.

Designers and beauty -Why are Indian Designers diversifying their folios into beauty

Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand and what’s more exciting is to see them collaborate. The trend of designers and beauty brands collaborating with each other is slowly picking up in India. Such collaborations give these designers a chance to diversify their portfolio and the beauty brands to add more value to their product with their design expertise. These hybrid collections are always a delight for the consumers as they bring them the best of both worlds.

Most talked about collaborations

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Sabhyasachi Mukherjee's collaboration with L'Oreal

Sabyasachi Mukherjee and L’Oreal Paris

Sabyasachi, who is known all over the world for his breathtaking designs collaborated with the famous L’Oreal Paris for his debut festive makeup collection. This 21-piece limited-edition collection was focused on bringing out the classic beauty of a woman. In Sabyasachi’s own words, “For me, classic is iconic, because classic is unforgettable.” This gorgeous line came out in October 2018 and was called “L’Oreal Paris x Sabyasachi.” Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was the face of this iconic collab. The line had all the essentials a woman needs to bring out the classic beauty – a black eyeliner, a volumizing mascara, and nine new shades of highly pigmented matte lipsticks ranging from soft beige to hot pink.

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Manish Arora's and Kama Ayurveda's Collaboration truly has his signature touch in it

Manish Arora and Kama Ayurveda

The very vibrant designer, Manish Arora has partnered with the organic Kama Ayurveda for its signature line Pure Rose Water. The designer added his vibrancy to the packaging of the product and a few accessories to pair it with. The designer added his personal touch of the iconic pink and gold signature palette to the package. These two very distinct brands with different ideologies came together for one cause they both support – ‘Make In India.’

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Bollywood's favourite Manish Malhotra's MyGlamm Collection

Manish Malhotra and MyGlamm

One of the very famous names in the industry, Manish Malhotra teamed up with the European makeup brand, MyGlamm. The duo has launched a collection in collab called, ‘Manish Malhotra Haute Couture Makeup’ on 15th December 2018. Alanna Panday was chosen to be the face of the collection. The collection featured 9-in-1 and 4-in-1 eye shadow palettes in three powerful finish – foil, metallic and matte. It also featured 12 lipstick shades, long-wear blushes, and highlighters to give a natural shine and glow. The elaborated collection also featured 18 high-shine, salon-like nail enamel, and party-ready lip glosses that shine with the play of light.

Indian designers
Masaba Gupta's colourful quirky collection with Lakme

Masaba x Lakme

Known for her quirky style, Masaba Gupta entered the makeup world in collaboration with makeup giant Lakme. The designer launched a collection of candy-inspired lipsticks and picked up the name ‘candy land’ from the nostalgia land. The lipsticks are named Mango Bite, Melody and more such nostalgic names that bring back sweet memories. The colour palette ranges from bright matte red to bold purple called Rola Cola.

IKF Desk

The designers understanding that beauty and apparel along with accessories are a full package that people invest into, are expanding and diversifying by launching beauty products and even fine jewelry lines.

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