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Why Choose Nail Art As A Career Option?

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Why Choose Nail Art As A Career Option?

Nail art is the art of enhancing the nails by trimming, decorating, and polishing them. It is generally done post manicure and pedicure. The art of decorating nails and nail style is not a new concept in the beauty industry instead it is a revival from the 1500s. The Incas used to paint their nails with eagles for enhancing their overall look, not too late, in the 1700s the first gold and silver manicure set was launched. Influential kings such as King Louis XVI of France was a fervent user of the manicure sets to keep his nails protected.

Scope Of Nail Art In Today's Era In India

Nail Art
Scope Of Nail Art In Today's Era In India

Majorly advertised and popularized through print media, nail art, and nail care is slowly and gradually shifting from a women's only trend to the grooming list of metrosexual men too. The Indian beauty and cosmetic market are growing and women are desirous to try something new and different, nail art and its ever-evolving styles and patterns fill the 'something different' gap in the beauty industry and cosmetic market.

In 2015, the nail art industry of India was estimated to be USD 950 million, growing and innovating continuously, it has now reached Tier2 and Tier 3 cities too. The scope of nail art as a career in India is widening day by day as it is one of the most popular and surprising sectors of the beauty industry and grooming world.

How To Become A Nail Artist?

simple nail design
How To Become A Nail Artist?

So if you have decided to take this as a career option then the first step is to educate yourself to be a nail artist!

Educate Yourself: Makeup, Waxing, Face cleaning and all the other such services can be self-taught but nail art involves science, caution, and skills. It is important to learn the technique from a well defined and experienced educator before stepping into this sector. Education is a MUST in nail art.

Train Under An Experienced Person: You might be the best in class or know all the concepts well, but TRAINING is very important because when it comes to nail art and clients;  presentation, table laying, tackling daily problems with nails and real-life on job experience can polish your skills leading to better opportunities.

Continue Growing In The Field On Job: This field is open to all genders it cannot be restricted to a specific gender. Once you start on the journey as a trainee, you can grow on to be an Assistant, Nail Technician, Senior Nail Technician, and so on. The average pay ranges between INR 8,000- INR 60,000 a month in India, depending upon the skill set, level of employment, and place.  

Start Your Work Or Freelance: Do you wish to know whether you can do work on your own or not? Then start freelancing, once you have gained experience then the best way to explore your capabilities as a businessman is to freelance. You will be able to explore your market size, type, customers, and their likings and disliking once you come in direct contact with them.

Nail Art Education

Nail Art Education
Nail Art Education

Nail Art education can be gained both on the ground and off the ground (online). The Nail Art Education majorly consists of the following: Courses:

  • Programs In Nail Spa
  • Programs in Gel Nail Paint Application
  • Gel Nail Extension
  • Acrylic Advance Course
  • Beginners Program in Nail Art
  • French Extension
  • 3D Nail Art

Kits/ Tools Required:

  • Dotting Tools
  • Nail Art Stickers
  • Stripping Tapes
  • Brushes
  • Loose Glitter
  • Nail Polishes
  • Topcoat and Basecoat
  • Tweezers
  • Scissor
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Wipes
  • Acrylic Colors
  • Flocking Powder

The above are just a few tools that are available in the kit. The kit ranges from beginners level to Nail Art Salon Kit. Course Fees:

  • Online Courses- INR 1,200 - INR 4,000
  • On Ground Courses- INR 15,000 Onwards

Can  Nail Art Be Taught Online?

Nail Artist
Can  Nail Art Be Taught Online?

Yes, many nail art skills can be taught online like Nail Care, Gel Nail Paint Application, Nail Art and Designs, French Nail Polish Application, etc.

Many academics and teachers have taken education online to reach out to a bigger audience and learners, training them to take Nail Art as a career option.

I Knock Fashion is reinventing education in the beauty industry of India, collaborating with various Nail Art Experts taking their classes online to skill the tier2 and tier 3 cities nail art enthusiasts online at reasonable fee structures.

I Knock Fashion- IKF Education in Nail Art

Nail Art design
Nail Art

I Knock Fashion Education is a project that aims to take the beauty industry from metropolitans and urban areas to Tier2 and Tier3 cities. It believes that talent and skills are everywhere. I Knock Fashion has collaborated with Simar's Nail Bar, an experienced Nail Bar Entrepreneur who has been in the Nail Art industry for 17 years, to take her expertise through videos and certification to the keen learners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and beginners across the globe.

The certificate online course aims at equipping and skilling people in nail art and nail style, giving them an option to enhance their creativity, widen their scope in work, and start something of their own.

I Knock Fashion Desk

As times are changing and skill development is the center of focus across the country, I Knock Fashion felt that it would be the right time to contribute to education and skill development in fashion and beauty. Nail Art and Nail Styling is an upcoming and growing profession in the modern world. The right tutorial and certificate online course by a proper trainer would allow the people to earn a livelihood through a skill acquired by professional training, and at the same time, a certificate in the same would open doors for various jobs and freelance opportunities for the learners.

Launching soon! I Knock Fashion Education will bring to the learners and enthusiasts certificate online courses in beauty, fashion, and makeup.

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