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Will Designer Masks Be The New Essential In Indian Weddings?

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Will Designer Masks Be The New Essential In Indian Weddings?

As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes a part of our everyday life, a face mask is topping the list of trends in Indian fashion. It’s no more just a mask, but a must-have fashion and protection accessory. It’s alarming that the face mask has managed to go from a fashion accessory to a big business. Apart from setting trends in Indian fashion, the masks are a necessity at this point when leaving the house, and by wearing them, you’re showing that you care for the safety and comfort of your community. It’s good to see how the Indian fashion designers like Masaba Gupta, Ritu Kumar, and others are doing their part to help us adjust to this “new normal” by producing non-medical masks for consumers to purchase. From an aesthetic perspective, we can’t help but think this “new normal” to be difficult, and understand, whether or not we are supposed to match our face masks with our outfits now? I Knock Fashion, knows that it is not the essential factor here for as long as you’re wearing one you’re doing your part, but with so many options available now, there’s nothing wrong with this question popping up in your mind.

There’s no denying in the fact that masks are inconvenient and uncomfortable. But people in India do understand that it isn’t worse than businesses shutting down, increasing unemployment, health care workers hitting absolute exhaustion, and the loss of numerous lives. People do believe in goodness and have started adopting these necessary measures to flatten the curve and keep each other safe. Today masks have become a necessity, so much so that brides and grooms are spotted wearing one on their special day. I Knock Fashion is doing the heavy lifting and breaking down different masks depending on what you’re looking for on your wedding day and which Indian fashion designer you can look forward to buying them.

How Did Masks Become More Than A Protection Gear?

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How Did Masks Become More Than A Protection Gear?

It’s not like people were unaware of the concept of wearing masks. Earlier it was limited only till East Asian people, who would wear them in public. The mask culture originated in Japan around the early 20th century, following pandemic post World War I. Today the scenario is 360′ degree changed, masks are the new “normal” for all of us it’s a sign of being a responsible citizen, the one who is concerned about the community.

In India, it began with people adorning masks as a protective measure against rapidly increasing air pollution in many parts of the country, mainly the national capital Delhi. Now with the outbreak of coronavirus, masks have suddenly become a necessity. The Indian fashion designers thought, now that masks are an integral part of our lives, why not turn them into a fashionable accessory. WHO recently announced that people have to learn to live with the virus; and ensure that if they go out of their homes, they need to wear a mask for safety against it.  The Indian fashion designers realized that masks are becoming another piece of clothing that doesn’t need to be simple-looking, therefore they initiated creating coordinated ones that compliment everyday and special occasion outfits. This led to the emergence of wedding masks! Masks like clothes are becoming trends in Indian fashion and a way of self-expression. The Indian fashion designers by making a mask as the latest fashion trends for women are trying their best to make it a part of everyday life. The Indian brides have set some trends in Indian fashion by opting for designer masks for their big day. The Indian brides and grooms very well understand the ongoing tensions and are responsibly opting for ‘designer masks’ during their weddings.

Are Couture Masks Acing The List Of Trends In Indian Fashion? 

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Are Couture Masks Acing The List Of Trends In Indian Fashion?

Bridal masks are making their way into the couture market, with people accepting COVID-19 to stay along, brides have adapted the idea of looking forward to wearing them for wedding festivities. Indian fashion designers are creating masks that are fashionable and allows the bride to express themselves. Masks are the latest fashion trends for women in India, and Indian fashion designers understand how a bride needs something breathable and functional apart from complementing the wedding attire. The masks are acing the list of trends in Indian fashion and are becoming an essential accessory for the brides to match the wedding lehenga or coordinate with the groom. The Indian fashion designers are all set with unique ideas of creating customized masks with initials and blingy embellishments. On the contrary, some Indian fashion designers believe that this trend is short-lived, and they would prefer making cotton masks instead of bridal ones.  

Brides And Grooms On Wearing Masks At Wedding! 

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Brides And Grooms On Wearing Masks At Wedding!

There’s no denying that the pandemic has forced people across the globe to adopt the new normal. Scroll through social media, and you will spot how face masks are evolving beyond being a necessity item into an accessory. In India, though most celebrations involving big gatherings were put to halt, several wedding ceremonies while maintaining lockdown rules have still taken place.

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Impact Of Corona Virus On Indian Weddings

The social media is full of brides and grooms adorning customized designer masks or color-coordinated masks with their clothes, making the latest fashion trends for women and men. The Indian brides are opting for couture masks to compliment theIr attire and accentuate the entire wedding look. Brides are looking forward to setting some latest fashion trends for women, and they want the fanciest and most unique mask for their wedding as they feel it will be an attention grabber. Some Indian brides utilized the leftover fabric from their wedding dress and got minimal embroidery done on it for their wedding day. The grooms are not lagging behind either; they are creating masks out of their sherwani’s. Recently there was a new ritual witnessed of ‘exchanging masks’ at a wedding. The Nepali couple went viral for making each other wear face masks during the wedding ceremony.

Trending Designer Wedding Mask For Brides, Grooms, and Guests!

Famous fashion designers in India
Trending Designer Wedding Mask For Brides, Grooms, and Guests!

Indian Fashion Designers Stepping Into The World Of Designer Masks! 

Famous fashion designers in Delhi
Indian Fashion Designers Stepping Into The World Of Designer Masks!

Though the pandemic has restricted gatherings all over the country, yet who can stop an Indian wedding ceremony. As we are in the Unlock-2 stage now, weddings have started to take place again all over the country. But to be protected from COVID-19,  masks have taken an essential space in our wardrobes. Now brides and grooms are wearing masks even on their wedding day. Every couple dresses their best during their weddings; now want their mask too, to match their look and attire. Seeing the demands of wedding masks, fashion designers, and fashion stylists in India are introducing different designer masks for not only the bride and groom but also for the attendees. The designer masks have become a necessity for all weddings across the country. Fashion designers and fashion stylists in India are setting different trends for designer masks.

The Indian fashion designer Mohit Falod is making different designer masks for weddings using ornaments. The designer is using cotton, as well as silk fabrics for face masks and, is giving them a designer look by adding pearls and beads. The fashion stylists in India believe that designer masks have made their way into bridal fashion.

Another Indian fashion designer, Akansha Jain is making eccentric masks, not only for the couple but also for their family members with fun texts written on them. The designer is giving the people a break from the disposable medical masks and is providing them with other fashionable options.

Knowing the fact that no couple would like to compromise their looks on their wedding day, Hanit Singh is making customized masks for Indian weddings. The designer is mostly making U- shaped masks.

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

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Indian weddings are perennial, and now that people are getting married in the time of coronavirus, the designer masks have become an essential accessory for the bride and the groom. In India, people are utilizing them as a fun accessory in the wedding ceremonies by getting different masks stitched for every event, starting from the sangeet ceremony to the wedding night. The people have gone to the extent of having themes, where all the relatives on the bride’s side wear masks reading Team Bride, and for the wedding day, masks embroidered “Congratulations” over it. Apart from this, the couple adorns masks as accessories with “Just Married” embroidered on them, right after the vows.

From pumping sanitizer in every guests’ hands to pandits conducting the rituals, wearing gloves, the pandemic has brought a new culture at Indian weddings. For now, it won’t be wrong to say that the designer face mask from the fashion industry in India is here to stay. Perhaps normalizing it to the most may help people come to terms with the post-pandemic way of living. The fashion industry in India is trying their best to take this constant fear of health off people’s minds, and making them embrace protective measures such as masks as just another clothing item. What are your feelings, would you mind wearing a mask on your wedding day? I Knock Fashion appreciates your views, do let us know about the same in the comment section and stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for further fashion and beauty related updates.

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