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Woolmark Launches Knitting Series By Five International Designers!

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Woolmark Launches Knitting Series By Five International Designers!

The fashion industry news boasts that the sustainable fashion company, Woolmark introduces knitting series by five International fashion designers from the Woolmark Prize Alumni. 

About The Release! 

The annual Woolmark Prize is a celebration of outstanding fashion designers’ talent from across the world. It is conducted for whose designs feature the beauty and several uses of Australian Merino wool. The winner fashion designers of this contest go on to become the celebrated fashion designers of the industry.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has made the fashion industry realize how important it is to accept and enhance sustainable fashion. The latest in the fashion industry news is that the Woolmark Company has brought together five International Woolmark Prize Alumni to launch a series of exclusive knitting, crochet, and cut-and-sew patterns, which can all be created from the comfort of your own homes.  

The Woolmark Company understands that quarantine can be extremely difficult to survive with, and this is the reason they felt it’s the best time to pick up a pair of knitting needles and knit.  

Woolmark’s Views On Knitting 

The latest in the fashion industry news is how the Woolmark Company has elaborated on the delicate topic like “knitting is good for your health.” The sustainable fashion company detailed about how knitting has specific benefits. The Woolmark Company believes that in a world controlled by technology, a counter-culture has emerged during the past few years with a concept of slowing down. Woolmark stated that knitting is an excellent form of therapy- the repetition is meditative and fuses function with therapy, improving mental health. Elaborating on all the studies conducted by different medical schools and institutes the sustainable fashion company released different knitting patterns for people to try during this lockdown, further promoting sustainable fashion.

Different Knitting Patterns! 

The fashion designers while at home are putting their talent to good use and came up with this series of knitting. 

 Knit Your Own Wool Beanie With KYE

The fashion designer Kathleen Kye offered a free knitting pattern for the label’s most selling signature item: a retro-style ribbed beanie. The fashion designer also suggested personalizing the front with your initials.  

“It’s fairly simple to make so it could be a great gateway knitting project to start during a time like now,” says Kye.

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 Knit Your Own Super Scarf With Strateas Carlucci 

The label Strateas Carlucci holds a strong history using merino wool, and in the knitting series, they deliver a free knitting pattern for its Python Scarf. Measuring 4.3 meters in length, this scarf promoting sustainable fashion, uses an open coarse knit and is good for social distancing. 

“We love how it wraps and stacks around your neck,” says Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci.

 Knit Your Tote Bag With CMM SWDN  

The Swedish based fashion label CMM SWDN is offering a free knitting pattern to help you live your best plastic-free life, using merino wool. The label for the knitting series created a sustainable option for the single-use plastic bag.

“The tote is easy to knit in the comfort of your own home, using Merino wool which is 100% natural and biodegradable,” says Bakir and Hedlund.

 Knit Crochet Your Hat With i-am-Chen

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i-am-Chen’s modern interpretation is a part cap, part beanie and crocheted using 100% ultrafine merino wool yarn. 

“The reason why I chose Merino wool is that it’s warm, healthy, and a gift from nature,” says designer Zhi Chen.

 Make Your Cushion Covers With Teatum Jones 

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The London based womenswear label Teatum Jones shared a simple step by step guide to creating a Teatum Jones designed cushion cover that stitches together your own story.  

“We have a motto that is ‘no scrap is too big or too small’.

These five international Woolmark Prize Alumni are designing a free pattern, the patterns are available online on their official website.

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