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Woolmark Presents A Tribute To Karl Lagerfeld

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Woolmark Presents A Tribute To Karl Lagerfeld

The Woolmark Company pays homage to the most decorated designer of the fashion industry, Karl Lagerfeld in an extremely creative manner, by creating a competition for 777 limited edition DIY knitting kits.

The Collaboration

Breaking down the barriers, all the world is welcomed to participate in a digital scavenger hunt, seeking for a unique code to win the chance of a limited edition Knit Karl Box. There are 777 knit boxes produced as a complement to the legendary designer's favorite numerical 7. Gathering enough codes will unleash one of the 777 knit kit ups. The contest will rush from February 7th, 2020 until March 7th, 2020, with the special unique codes to be enrolled at


The Knit Karl Kit is said to be one of the final projects of the late designer. It arrives some 66 years after Lagerfeld won the 1954 Woolmark Prize under the coat category. 

The box will include an instruction manual to realize one of four unisex Lagerfeld designs- a cap, a pullover, headband or scarf in conjunction with Australian Merino wool yarn, knitting needle and four badges to customize the products, along with a sheep wearing dark shades like the designer always carried.

Caroline Lebar, Head of Image and communications at Karl Lagerfeld stated "This entire year we have launched special projects and initiatives to celebrate Karl's life and legacy" she continued by saying "As Karl's first-ever creation was for the Woolmark Prize in 1954, it feels appropriate to celebrate his life with this collaboration with The Woolmark Company."

The legacy of Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld's bio does not need any introduction, people usually run out of words while describing his talent. He is the fashion industry's most admired designer, he helmed Chanel from 1983 until his death in 2019. 

He was also the major creative force behind the Italian fur and leather goods fashion house Fendi. Apart from an excel in the fashion industry, the designer was also an impressive linguist, versatile in French, German, English, and Spanish. He was famous for his signature white hair, black shades, and highly starched detachable collars. 

woolmark company

About Woolmark

The not-for-profit organization, Woolmark Company every time comes up with some unique project to please its audience. It is owned by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) and is the world's most recognized textile fiber brand.

The company in past collaborated with the Boston Athletic Association and Adidas for the 2018 and 2019 Boston Marathon, bringing to light the performance benefits of wool at one of the world's most exclusive and symbolic sporting affair. This time they have come up with an outstanding project of celebrating Karl's spectacular fashion career by relating it with wool.

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