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Yeezy X Gap: Kanye West And Gap To Launch Collaborated Clothing Line!

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Yeezy X Gap: Kanye West And Gap To Launch Collaborated Clothing Line!

The awaited fashion news of 2020 is here, Rapper and global icon Kanye West has revealed that his company Yeezy has collaborated with the fast-fashion brand Gap on a 10-year partnership.

There is no second thought about this collaboration being the most exciting fashion news of the year till now. Kanye West revealed the fashion news on his Twitter official account by posting a blue and white image of the word Yeezy shortened to "YZY" as a reference to fast - fashion brand Gap's trademark. The rapper gave the audience an idea about the upcoming styles of the Yeezy Gap clothing line by posting a picture of a model wearing block colors and basics.  

Details Of The Collaboration! 

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Photo Courtesy: Gap Instagram

It’s all over the fashion news platforms! A 10-year deal has been inked, and the collection will involve Yeezy-designed apparel for men, women, and children on sale in the fast-fashion brand Gap's stores and online website. Not much is revealed yet, but it is speculated that the Yeezy Gap clothing line will focus on basics and simple styles that are shared by both the fast-fashion brand and the global icon Kanye West. The collection will be available at typical Gap prices of well under $100 per item at its stores.

Kanye West famously celebrated as a musician launched Yeezy, the fast-fashion brand company in the year 2015 by collaborating with sportswear brand Adidas. Kanye's ongoing sneakers collaboration with Adidas is phenomenal. It generated $1.3 billion in 2019 according to Forbes. This latest collaboration fulfilled a longtime ambition for the designer, as in an interview he once mentioned how he wanted to become the Steve Jobs of the fast-fashion brand Gap. 

Gap’s Expectation From The Collaboration! 

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In the past few years, Gap had closed more than 100 North American stores according to the fashion news. The moment the global pandemic kicked in, the brand was forced to shut 100 more.

It’s in the latest fashion news that this collaboration could also help boost sales of fast-fashion brand Gap, which was founded in the year 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F Fisher, but recently has been struggling financially. Gap’s collaboration with West will also earn royalties, along with potential equity related to sales achievement. 

West’s Fashion Brand 

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Yeezy Gap is the latest adventure of Kanye West's fast-fashion brand. Kanye has big plans for his brand, wishing to make his designs available to as many people as possible. 

He has a long history with the brand; he worked at a Gap store in Chicago as a teenager. Kanye's new long term collaboration with fast- fashion brand Gap will be starting in 2021.

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